• It would be sexual only in that the aggressor gets off on power, control and violence.
  • I think its a little of both.
  • It is about power, not matter who does it, male or female. Ususally in sexual positions there is a dominant or submissive posture, and the rapist is always in the dominant position.
  • If it was just the most cases rape would not be necessary. Most rape is fueled by the need to overpower, control and force one's will upon another person.
  • It's not about sex. It's an act of violence intended to hurt and humiliate another human being as badly as possible.
  • I would say it is mainly about power. You want sex, you can pay people for sex.
  • I believe that it is strictly about power. Conquest, domination, and control. Power is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs known to man. Since the beginning of time, through the reigns of the Caesars, all the way to current politicians and world leaders, power is the ultimate prize. If rape was strictly about sex, then rape would be practically unheard of. Not only can one go out and pay someone for sex, there is plenty of free sex to be found. Not all that hard to find someone willing to have a one night stand. In many cases involving serial rapists, the rapist doesn't even ejaculate during the actual intercourse. Also, if it was only about sex, there wouldn't be any female rapists. I've never known a woman that couldn't find a person to have sex with if all she wanted was sex. Closing time at practically any bar in America is testament to that.
  • It's primarily about power. Although sex (consensual) can also be about power. A lot of sexual fetishes involve power games. Sex and power are both so tied up and complex in our psychology that it's difficult to seperate one from the other. Our deepest desires, even where these do not appear to be primarily sexual can come out through our sex lives. Boys who were not breast fed, for example, often have a breast fixation as adults. I think the best way to explain it is that it's about power and control, for a person who has issues of power and control which have become inseperably tied into their sexual desires.
  • I think that sex is the means for having the power and control over a person. If you gave a person a beating it would be very traumatic and they would be very upset. If you invaded their body with yours and left behind genetic material, it is much worse.
  • it is about power and controlling someone it has nothing to do with sex at all
  • If the aggressor is an undesirable man who hasn't been able to get a date, it's about both control and the sex. They choose someone vulnerable whom they can easily subdue to satisfy their sexual needs. The rape also is a way for them to act out revenge fantasies against women who rejected them in the past (or the present, if the rapist tried to seduce the victim and failed to get her consent).
  • I agree with lonelydragon
  • Just my opinion here- Depends on the rape. Passed out date rapers might have different motives than a brutal attack rapist.
  • Definitely sex can be included
  • You thought wrong. Only sex is about sex. Rape is about dominating or humiliating a person for your own gratification or revenge. It's why a rape victim will always talk about the fear and problems the rape has brought into their life.

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