• There is more than one model... Is this it If so your manual is here: To turn on progressive scan: Connect component/progressive out of this unit to the input of your monitor/television, set your television or monitor to component/progressive Input. 1. Select “Progressive Scan” on the DISPLAY menu then press B. 2. Select “On” using the v / V buttons. 3. Press ENTER/OK to confirm your selection. The confirm menu will appear. 4. When the confirm menu appears on your screen “Cancel” is highlighted as default. Use the b button to highlight “Enter”. 5. Pressing ENTER/OK will set this unit to progressive scan mode. Notes: • If you set Progressive Scan to ON in error, you must reset the DVD+VCR. Press STOP (x) and hold it for more then five seconds before releasing it. The video output will be restored to the standard setting, and a picture will once again be visible on a conventional analog TV or monitor.

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