• abortion is not an option yes the man is responsible
  • Number 1. The man should never encourage an abortion. Discouraging one is ok but an abortion is a surgery in which there are huge emotional and physical ramifications for the woman so the man has no right to encourage it. Number 2. The man is responsible for the child because it's not just the woman who wanted to have sex that night. Men should be held just as liable. It takes both to form a baby. Number3. Shouldn't the baby get a chance at life. It is not a woman's place to play God nor is it her place to decide her baby must die because she does not want to pay the consequences of her actions. Nor is it the man's place to do either of those things. Every conceived child deserves a fair chance at life.
  • Her body, her choice, her responsibility.
  • I don't believe in abortion unless there's medical reasons. It takes two to lay down and create a baby. Both parties should be responsible. Maybe he should have thought of the consequences of having casual sex before they had sex.
  • If the man willingly had sex with her he knew the risks. So yes he should take resposibility UNLESS she claimed to be on birth control or to be unable to have a baby and she knowingly lied about it. If the man still wants to be part of the baby's life after that then that's fine, but if he doesn't and she lied to get herself pregnant, he should pin a $20 bill on her shirt and say, "Best of luck to you and your bastard child!"
  • Any man (and woman for that matter) who engages in vaginal sex is accepting the risk that his partner will get pregnant. He can use condoms, she can take the pill... all precaution can fail. . By taking that risk he has to accept his share of the responsibility for the outcome. . It is one of the areas of life that are fundamentally unfair. She gets to choose to have an abortion or not - and he has no say in the matter unless she choses to give him one. And if she choses to have the baby, he is responsible for his share of the costs. . Another unfair aspect of it is that a man can have a one nigher without worrying that the outcome might ruin his figure, cause growing physical discomfort for 9 months culminating in a very painful and potentially deadly experience. . Another is that if she chooses to have the baby he still has the choice of his freedom. . That is life my friends. Face it. . +5
  • Whether or not the couple decide jointly to have a child, however long a relationship they may or may not have been in, whatever they think of each other after conceiving, they are jointly responsible financially for the child until it reaches the age of 18! Nobody but the girl can make the ultimate decision on whether or not to keep the baby but the father cannot shirk his responsibility by saying he doesn't want it - he can stay out of it's life but he still has an obligation to the child to make sure it is provided for!
  • i don't think so. seems tremendously unfair. just like the woman has final say in whether to have the baby or not, so should the man have final say in whether he is going to support that baby. . a woman shouldn't have a child anyway if she's unable to support it. . if she insists on having the child despite her fiscal framework, it's not the man's problem. . this is of course assuming she even considers abortion as an option. for those who don't even consider it, things are slightly different. which is why you should always know who you're getting in bed with (pun very much intended).
  • yes morally
  • By phrasing the question as "should the man be responsible" instead of "is the man responsible", it becomes a question of opinion. Fortunately, my answer still remains the same regardless of legality or morality... of course the person that donated 50% of the genes should be at least 50% responsible.
  • No, if she calls all the shots, she should be the one writing all the checks.
  • NO he shouldn't be but he is. The greater point is missed on the moral nonsense. I love how some of these hypocrites act like its so immoral to abort but have nothing to say about sex before marriage 8- Anyway since both decided to have sex, both should have a say in the abortion or none abortion choice. I IN NO WAY ADVOCATE FORCED ABORTIONS. However a legal process much like a law suit should take place if there is a disagreement. If the man wishes to abort he should be liable for the cost of the procedure at the highest rate in the area. Along with having to pay that + court costs he would also have to sign away all parental rights similar to a surrogate parent. If she aborts fine if not the kids all hers since she made the choice to have it anyway which is the only choice in the equation that wasn't made by both parties. That is the only fair way to do it. If women don't want it to be fair then cool we can do that too but then stop bitching about equal rights. I'm passionate about this because as a cop I get to see the waste of space bitches that literally rape men as a financial tool. But in this state you have to prove penetration to prove rape even if drugs that partially paralyze the man are used and these ass hole judges still lock these guys up for not paying support it's BS +3
  • Yes... He may not have been the one that decided to keep the child, but he was the one who decided to take the risk of pregnany. He's got to face the consequences!

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