• i think its because it offends some people when you use the word god as in (for gods sake)
  • Some sites have filters that might be filtering it that way so as not to offend... or it's a way to get past some filters.
  • They might be meaning god damn
  • Because some hard line relgious people beleive that Gods name shouldn't be spoken (or written) as this would be blasphamy!
  • They just do,does it matter? maybe they dont mean GOD
  • I truly believe its the same anti Christ people that attempted to take Christ out of Christmas by writing Xmas. I think its the same sick concept. Absolutely, Lucifer's angels are behind this one too. My God is not a man that He should lie, God told Moses to tell the children of Israel that I AM THAT I AM! I will continue to call God's name fully, whether it be Jehovah, Jah, The Ever Loving Omnipotent, God of us all, God is not offended when we call His name. Concretely, all of Heaven rejoice when we call the sweet name of God. It is the best name in the entire Universe. I pray we continue to thrive in Love, Life, Truth, Peace, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. Please pray for Jennifer Hudson and her family, those of you who know a word of prayer, pray for all of us. Israeline Yah
  • The people who write out God as G-d are doing so as an act of respect, believing it is prideful to spell it out; believing it is impertinent to use God's full name that way. Jews in particular do this as a way of being extra-respectful. (Note: early languages from that area, such as ancient Egyptian and Hebrew, just didn't have vowels. The vowels were understood in a culture in which writing was still rare and special, and most communication was oral.) See here for a much longer explanation of how leaving out the "o" means the person is trying to be pious, faithful, and respectful: Some people believe it is blasphemous to assume that God's name should be written out like my name, or your name, or any other mortal's name.
  • ankhorite hit the nail on the head
  • Homeschooling does that to people
  • I spell it like this: god. As for people who spell it g-d, it just makes it more confusing, it has no purpose.

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