• Yes, but it happens to everyone here. Don't worry about it. It's part of life on answerbag. However, if you are constantly downrated you can report it via feedback at the bottom of the page.
  • I agree that it is pathetic for others to down rate you for your beliefs. I have been told some terrible things toward me for what I believe in as well and let me tell you what was told to me and that is the heart is where we feel we believe from and if someone downs you for your belief then obviously they have heart problems. Hope that helps and good luck!!
  • Jesus is Muslim? I had no idea! I thought he was Jewish.
  • hey i got dr because i didnt like oreos!
  • And you know it was who you mentioned HOW, since AB doesn't list who rates you positively or negatively? UNLESS you were specifically TOLD you were DRed, then you have NO clue, and even then, people DO take credit, sometimes, for what others have done, including DRs. Of COURSE it's discrimination. But you asked a question, and WHOMEVER disagreed with it. That's the way of AB, and, in case you didn't know, the way of the world. You don't get DRed in the real world, but people change their attitudes about you, especially about certain subjects. Religion, Politics, and Sexual Orientation are the three big categories in which you will be downrated MOST often, when you state your beliefs. Those DRs can be by anyone (trolls) coming by and just DRing EVERYONE on the question, they can come from anyone (trolls) who don't like YOU (though this should never be a consideration for DRs, as, if the answer is valid, it's valid, whether you like the user or not), or just some punk kid (no matter their age) "having fun". DRs don't count against your points for levels. They only count against your percentage for questions, or answers, which are only really important for the leaderboards. BTW: Since you named another user in a negative way, expect this answer to be flagged soon as spam/offensive. Just thought I'd let you know on this.
  • Welcome to life. Wherein one's opinion is DR for daring to be different.
  • I got downrated because I said Ann Coulter offended me personally. Seriously people! Also, I once told a younger girl that I think she should tell someone that she trusts - a parent, a teacher, a counselor that she was raped. WTF?? -5
  • how do you know it was Jesus-Is-Muslim?
  • As our own sweet ABer, Spicy, says...If ya can't stand the heat, stay out of the (AB) kitchen! :-)
  • Yep, been downrated for watching, and SOMETIMES liking Bill O'rielly. God forbid I have my own opinion, if you don't want others opinions, don't ask you freakin' a-holes.
  • OK, consider this: The person doing the Downrating has a screen name of "Jesus-Is-Muslim" and the topic had to do with religious beliefs. This surprises you? NOTE: I'm assuming that you know "Jesus-Is-Muslim" did it because he left a comment claiming credit for it. Otherwise, there is no way for you to know who downrates anything you post. The screen name "Jesus-Is-Muslim" itself is inflamatory: Jesus was born, raised, and died as a Jew, even the followers of Islam agree with this. Muslims acknowledge Jesus as a prophet, but NOT as God, Christ, or any other concept which equates Him with God. Islam, which Jesus-Is-Muslim claims to be a follower of, was founded some 6 centuries AFTER Christ died. The word "Muslim" is an Arabic word which refers to a person who submits himself to the will of God. Now, the followers of Islam believe that Islam originated with the beginning of the world, so its religious origins circa 622 CE by historians doesn't accurately reflect the belief of the FAITH. On the one hand, "Jesus-Is-Muslim" may be viewed as an expression of the belief that Jesus, who was considered a prophet by Muslims, was "one who follows the will of God", as litterally translated. However, on the other hand, "Jesus-Is-Muslim" MAY also be considered offensive to Muslims by associating Christianity with Islam. Notice my emphasis on "MAY". I do not know for sure how this is viewed by Muslims. I would be interested in hearing from Muslims on this, like borasalama. (I mention borasalama because my past interactions with him show him to be HIGHLY educated in both Islam AND Christianity, and he is totally capable of carrying out an intelligent conversation on the subject without resorting to base tactics like many one-sided people of any belief.) With that in mind, as well as Jesus-Is-Muslim's personal stats in his scoreboard (he's only been around for a month at this time and has a VERY low 22% + Rating), I'd say there is a strong chance that he's just another troll out there who is deliberately baiting people and causing strife and anger as a way of entertaining himself. Whether or not he's actually Muslim is difficult to tell. His questions, what few he's actually posted so far, seem designed to incite anger rather than intelligent dialog about serious religious matters. He is nowhere NEAR the gentleman and educated level of some of the other Muslims who have posted many good questions (and answers) on this subject. Again, borasalama is the only one that comes to mind right now. My advice: treat Jesus-Is-Muslim like you would ANY OTHER TROLL. That is, ignore him, refuse to allow yourself to be drawn into rude or socially unacceptable behavior, and if you should notice a LOT of DR's, simply feed it back to AB Staff. As long as YOU don't participate in such behavior yourself, then your reputation will stand firm on it's own. No matter WHAT Jesus-Is-Muslim (or anyone else) says or does here on AB.
  • calm down. do u really care if someone downrates you? i get them every day and dont care at all.
  • Look how many of my questions get dr'd by the God haters.Look at my % its at 98,and the only one i did was that idiot showed the picture of an egg and had a babies face in the yoke,as it was going to a fry'n pan.That was her thaught on abortion.
  • Hey I get this nonsense often so we must be doing something right;)
  • Pathetic, no. Disturbing, yes. And don't forget that the ones with the trigger happy fingers are the ones who want to shove their crap of love and blah blah blah down your throat
  • Are you still whining about this? For heaven's sake, it's just one little bitty lonely ABer!! Go live your life and be HAPPY. That's an order!
  • Maybe they Downrated you because you never rate anyone. A Zero % rating may be what made them upset with you .Some people put a lot of store on having their answers rated if you agree with them or not.
  • this is what i think. If your comments are rude towards Islam, they i think he has every right to dr you. But if it is just simply another belief, well that's ridiculous. there are so many people who write rude things about Islam, that is just so untrue, and if that's the case here, then its a different story.
  • I remember the AB'er Jesus-Is-Muslim. I ran him away by trolling on his religious answers with a different AB username I was using in the old AB. Reporting users who discriminate you its how it's done with the new AB changes.

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