• That is why all our kids of church are home schooled.They want be taught this crap of the devil.
  • I guess if children were forced under penalty of law to go to church, then this question might have some merit.
  • How about just dropping evolution from the school curriculum and letting parents handle the subject on their own? Seeing as how there's so much arguement on the subject, just drop it and let parents handle the beliefs part altogether.
  • Brilliant! But we need ALL the religious creation myths. Not just the Christians. You know, that whole 1st Amendment thing about respecting a religion and all. Gotta include 'em all. And every other wacko that confuses mythos for reality. ;) +
  • Both sides of this argument have merit, what doesn't have merit is either side trying to push what their beliefs are onto another...unconstitutional. The taxpayer has the final say in any matter regarding social policy, equal representation under the constitution. Holeinthewoods said it best, let each side teach this subject on their own time. In regards to science class there a thousand other scientific finding that can be taught other than what is being mentioned.
  • I hear what you're saying--but no thanks. I've no desire to give a religious belief the credibility it would gain by allowing it to again be taught in schools. It wouldn't even things up. It would elevate creationism to something to be taken seriously. It's for that reason that most scientists refuse to debate creationists. The creationist/intelligent design movement has lost every federal court case. Let's leave it at that until they've got to bond with the flat earth society and the young earth society to get enough members together to get a nickle discount at the local McDonalds.
  • How silly is that? You choose to go to church. School you must go to.
  • Well, not really. They should just not have religious doctrine in a science classroom period. As the old saying goes.... "Don't pray in my school and I promise I won't think in your church."
  • If they want to have creationism taught in school, then they should send their kids to a parochial school. Yes, while this country is predominantly Christian, not all are. If you want anything religious mentioned in public schools, then you can't just teach about one religion only. Public schools = separation of church and state = no relgious teaching in schools. I can't say I ONLY believe in creationism or ONLY in evolution. Could God (or whomever you believe in...or don't) have not created us (and this planet) to evolve? Hmm....
  • Somehow I don't think they are interested in fairness or letting the "other side" get any notice. But I agree. Fair is fair. Happy Wednesday! :) ((hugs))
  • Let me get this right....IF Christians agree to tack on an evolution sermon, read from the Bible of Darwin's Origin of Species, the same time length of any "creation" sermons (usually once a year or less), you would be amenable, in fairness, to an equal treatment of the theory of intelligent design with the theory of evolution in the schools? Okay. I'm for that. You come teach it. I'll be sick that day.
  • I believe people sometimes need to be reminded of the Seperation of Church and State. ANY Religion should not be taught in school. I can understand where people would be upset that Evolution is being taught in schools. To some point I believe that Evolution is also a form of Religion. It is being taught and I don't agree with it. I do not believe either side should win this.
  • Personally, I wouldn't trust ANYBODY in today's public school system to teach my child anything about the Christian faith! Stick with the 3 R's...but they can't even get THAT right nowadaze!
  • Sounds like a good idea. Teach them both together and maybe it will make a more peacefully system.
  • That wouldn't make anything equal though. Creationists are attempting to break the law by teaching Creationism and ID in our schools. There would be no law broken if we taught evolution in church. It's just an example of how desperate religious fanatics are to control all of the lives around them instead of living in peace with them.
  • 7-29-2017 Christians are not yelling for any such thing. You are babbling.
  • Creationism has no place in schools. I went to a catholic school and we learned about evolution. The bible isnt ment to be taken literaly.
    • Jewels Vern
      Creationism was invented by Darwinists so they could have an opposition that is easy to knock down. Their science doesn't work.
  • Stop whining. Adults in church are convinced already about their religious beliefs. It's the students at school that are in need of this combination to develop their inexperienced minds.
  • What's wrong with presenting both sides to the kids? And as far as teaching evolution in church, do we force people to go to church now?
  • Separation of Church and State: the State does not promote a religion, certainly not one over many others. Any such lesson belongs in a comparative study of world creation myths, not just two selected arbitrarily. The birth of Athena will blow your mind.

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