• Usually it is my conscience that torments me until I do the task to stop my inner struggle.
  • The best way to tackle unpleasant assignments is to do them as soon as they are assigned. This way you leave no room to have time to hate what you are doing. You do them and they are out of the way.
  • The way I usually motivate myself to do anything that's unpleasant to me is by telling myself that the sooner I get it done, the sooner it will be over and then I can do something I like.
  • I tell myself, "If I don't do them right away, the longer I wait the more "unpleasant" they'll become, and I don't want THAT to happen. Yeech!"
  • college scholarships & wanting to maintain my GPA. =) its all self-motivation. you have to remind yourself WHY you were assigned the assignment and what it will do for you if you complete it successfully, AND what it will do if you DONT finish it....
  • put my mp3 on and play my happy songs! puts me in a good lively mood and i just seem to crack at! (must be my mp3 though and not the stereo, because i can't get distracted by anyone else if i can't hear them, i'm in me own wee bubble!)
  • Every single decision or action I take at work boils down to one question that I ask myself: will this get the job done? Everything I do at work is motivated by getting the job done. It's important to me, to my career, my clients, and to my company that I do things well. There are many tasks that I dislike, or things I dislike dealing with. But those tasks are just the means to an important end, so I ask myself that question and if the answer is yes I put Dethklok on the iPod and roll my sleeves up.
  • I wish I had a better method, but I goof off until I'm in between a rock and a hard place. Either get my butt cracking or miss out on things I care about like sleep, or social time and so forth. Major procrastinator, but it gets done when I no longer have a choice. I've always maintainted a very high GPA doing it too. I don't know that this is for everybody though. Other procastinators I know don't fair so well.
  • i get some what arrogant and tell myself that if some else does the job they'll take shortcuts.if i do it regardless of the situation i will give it 100% effort.
  • For me the motivation is the deadline and the consequence of doing the assignment. I'm a major procrastinator, so I'll often do the assignment in just the amount of time I need to do it right. Once the clock is ticking and I can wait no longer, I'm on that assignment. I get a drive that I could never produce myself to just work and work until I've done all I can. It's not the healthiest thing though, because I've had to pull countless grueling all-nighters. I keep going over in my head "why do I do this to myself?" as I work until dawn. Over the years I've come to expect this of myself, so whenever I've had an assignment due and very little time to do it, I've learned not to worry about it. I know that the deadline will motivate me to get it done, which it always has. The second motivation is that I want to hand in something presentable and well-crafted. Something that tells the teacher, professor, or boss that I put effort into the project. I've had my share of unpleasant assignments that I absolutely loathed (i.e. anything involving research...yuck). But no matter how disgusting, that deadline always pushed me. Without deadlines, I don't think I would have gotten a single thing done in my life. They are truly a good thing. The only advice that I could give, is to try to give yourself intermediate deadlines. Make yourself get a certain amount of work done by a certain time. The few times I've done this, I haven't always met these intermediate deadlines, but I've gotten more done by that point than I would have if I didn't set those deadlines.
  • Music is my #1 motivation! Better than anything. Plus, I can't leave something "half done", I Have to finish it, or else it will get on my nerves!
  • Adderall !
  • 1. By visualising the completed assignment, getting an "A" grade for the assignment and the confidence this will give me for future assignments. 2 By placing a large bar of chocolate, to the side of me and nibbling on it every so often to keep me going. If I'm really, really having problems, I promise myself a large reward when the assignment is completed, like a new pair of jeans etc. The end result is I get assignments done but I'm overweight and have no money.
  • By telling myself that the job / work will still be there until "I" get it done ... and ; the sooner I finsh the job , the sooner it is done and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

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