• From what I've been reading, probably not. Without the moon there would be no tides, and without tides, nutrients wouldn't get washed into the sea to support life.
  • Not in the way we know it.
  • why not if god want.5
  • Life on earth might have evolved somewhat differently if there was no moon - but earth would certainly have been able to support life without the moon. It is also possible that earth could have supported life and its evolution exactly the same way as it has done in the absence of a moon. These are imponderables, I believe.
  • No far then it would be hot.
  • yes, the planet would be off balance but would probably find a way to sustain life.
  • That's debatable. The moon causes the earth's crust to flex, causing the tectonic plates to shift, and heating the interior of the earth. Without the moon, the interior of the earth would cool (but it would take a LONG time). We wouldn't have to worry about volcanoes or earthquakes any more, but the fluid core of the earth in motion is what causes the earth's magnetic field. Without the magnetic field, we would lose much of our protection from solar radiation and cosmic rays. The earth's surface would eventually (abliet slowly) become sterilized.
  • Yes, but we and everything else would be vastly different... (If there even was a "we")
  • Probably not. The moon effects much of what happens on the earth, including life.
  • i dont think so as .. there are lots of activities on earth which are directlt or indirectly depends upon the moon.. like ocean currents..
  • Yeah i think..but life would be much more different.thats because there would be no tides and other things . Hehe...i hope my answer answers your question!...Take care
  • Lunar cycles govern all kinds of things. However, menstruation in women, while based on the lunar cycle, no longer needs the physical presence of the moon. But there would be no tides, and all the sea creatures that depend on lunar cycles would probably have a tough time surviving. I think life would go on, but things would indeed change.
  • No, the changes on the earth would be so great life as we know it could not survive. Here is a very good documentery on the earth. One of the best I have ever seen. Here is a transcript:
  • maybe not

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