• You surely cannot expect a simple, general answer to this can you? I don't know for sure myself what colour eyes I like, let alone personality types, senses of humour, quiet or loud, curvy or slim etc etc etc
  • I go for girls who look attractive WITHOUT makeup.
  • Latinas.
  • Ohh, good question! +1!! I like girls who are creative, expressive, into music, not very sporty, very flexible in regards to what they enjoy, not too high maintenance. I'm getting very specific, so its not like I look for this in EVERY girl I see. That would probably just be the dream girl. But yes. I am single and 'in the game', if you will, and I am having a blast.
  • Men want a Lady in the streets and a freak between the sheets.! Guys (anyone) Prefer a versitle person. no one wants the same old all the time you need to change it up from time to time and need the ability to be the girl you take home to mom or take home and "make a mom "" life's too short , take the long way there !
  • I myself really enjoy girl-girls.I find frilly satin panties to be very sexy along with other girly clothes,i.e stockings/thigh highes,high heels,cute bows in the hair,ect.but then, i enjoy femininty.
  • I love when girls are "girly girls" Thats just my prefrence. However just don't adopt the I'm better than everyone attitude. Its better to be a girly girl and be modest in personality
  • A hint Of Italian through out her and a fiesty streak. plus brunette.
  • Girls with elegance and charm
  • A huge collection of Transformers and the same sense of humour as me....the perfect woman :)
  • I find it most attractive when a girl says hello. Or she talks with me. When she asks questions or shows interest in how I am, or what I've been through. Most women don't welcome men. They assume men will be aggressive jerks, and have to be pushed away. So when a girl shows real interest, that she actually welcomes a guy, it is very unusual and beautiful and nice. A gentleman can only go where he is welcome, so the only thing a girl really has to do is show some interest, and be welcoming.
  • Her heart.
  • Skrilla, I think you're in love w/ my brother. What I find attractive is her body, attitude, and mind. Wait, I am a girl!
  • A Strong will, clear intentions, A passion for their intrests and hobbies an eagerness to gain new experiences firm and well informed oppinions, with an open mind to learn and accept new ones most importantly, a girl who is not afraid to be herself 100% of the time. There are plenty of other things, these are just some that are a prerequisite for me to take them seriously.
  • Actually ... nothing really.
  • It always starts at the eyes.
  • Nor I. They can be beautiful but not attractive
  • If they look like a young Elizabeth Taylor and they are fascinated by the study of quantum physics and the arts. Then hhhmmmmmm! :oX
  • Honesty, modesty, subtlety, compassion, humor, intelligence. Same for the guys.
  • A nice round, curvy, butt that sticks out just at the right angle.
  • Her face, I am a sucker for beautiful female faces.
  • Its all in the eyes and then after you fall in love you can look at the boobs and booty.
  • a somewhat intelligent, outgoing, but not overbareing girl that will start a conversation with you that is actually interesting. thats the kind of girl that i like and am going out with
  • I find that a girl who always has a genuine smile on their faces to be the most attractive. It makes them easier to approach in my book, although each type of girl is attractive to me. It just depends on the woman, and how she acts. If shes gorgeous, but is a b****, then I am not gonna like her.
  • that shy sweet faces girl. that girl that goes out of her way to help the most hated guy in school pick up the papers he just dropped. so inocent. not hot, but cute, in a hot most beautiful way. the one you want to spend time with all the time. the girl who doesnt wink at the waiter at the resturaunt (i had a gf that did that). the one that you would RATHER look at her eyes than her body. these kinds of girls are hard to find, but theres always that ONE single girl in the school. and braces are cute on teenage girls to ;D
  • Girly Girl=most attaractive. Act and be as feminine as possible, do all the make-up stuff and nails. Wear hot outfits, kinda like the girls at Abercrombie and Fitch, since you want to be a girly girl, ill assume you're going to shop there now. P.S. I know i used to work there.

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