• it makes it somewhat softer and more tender. thats why the italiano ,pizzeria,pizza hut do dat! trust me on this one
  • Personal preference, plus some people feel even if the dough is well kneaded and risen, tossing helps to further make for a better crust. It's also a good showy way to sell pizzas in places where they have the people tossing them in windows and where you can see them. :)
  • Comparison and contrast. Hand tossed fresh pizza dough or some frozen prefab machine rolled simulacrum? I'll take the fresh hand tossed dough.
  • The hand sweat gives it a unique flavor.
  • It stretches the dough making a more tender crust. It's similar to running pasta repeatedly through a pasta maker or rolling and re-rolling it by hand to make it more tender.
  • ChronicYinYang said it well, and it certainly is personal preference and a regional tradition. My Italian grandmother rolls it out by hand (but doesn't throw it in the air), and has a tender most delicious crust. Traditions are different in each region, but this tradition is certainly very impressive to watch. I've tried it when making pizza, and I find that it helps the round of dough to stretch out more evenly.
  • It is tradition, helps to thin and spread the dough after kneading and it also looks impressive
  • The dough spinning in the air is spread more evenly by the centrifugal force, plus it looks more theatrical. So it couples physical practicality with good visual entertainment and afterward you can eat it!
  • Show, plain show!

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