• ibelieve that some of the fear goes back to when the catholic church declared the Templer sect outlaws and tried to have them all killed. acording to the discovery channel they were mostly killed on friday the 13 and that started people fears
  • The bed no 13 in a hospital in England, where every patient died who was admitted.Later on they realized that a blonde nurse was actually turning off the oxygen knob while cleaning.The fear still continues.
  • i dont believe on it-it is bcoz lack of religion only.5
  • Wrong belief of accident made some rumor on 13 th .
  • It comes from the date Friday, October 13, 1307; which is the date the Knights Templar were eradicated by Philip IV of France. Mostly to get rid of his debt to the Templar who were not only a monastic military order, but also bankers for 2oo years. Philip had power over Pope Clement V, who was the only person who the Templars answered to, to stop the Templar from reforming. And as a result of the fall of all the Templars on the 13th it was viewed as a day of bad luck, the thought of the number 13 being bad luck grew out of that. The Templars were fully eradicated in 1314 when the last Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay, was slowly roasted over a fire. For people, who believe with his dying breath he swore he’d summoned them before God's Tribunal within a year. Both King Philip IV and Pope Clement V were dead before the year was out.
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