• put a music folder on the psp from the detatchible drive via pc. if that doesnt work for you there are many help guides on google.
  • Plug your psp into your pc, using a usb cord. Access the mp3 file that you want to transfer. Right click the mp3 file, and click, "copy." On your psp click the symbol for the usb port, activating the connection to your pc. A box will appear on your pc screen. Double click "Windows Explorer." A file named "psp" will appear. Double click the psp file. A file named "music" will appear. If not create a new file named music, then right click the music file and click, "paste". The song will transfer, and you are good to go.
  • plug ur psp in to ur computer and then go to;start,my computer. it will say removable something click on that and then just pick which folder you want something to be in and place it there(note:it has to be the same type of folder or else youre just wasting memory space).

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