• No, do you?
  • why?he is responsible for millions of killings.5
  • are you kidding me!
  • No, not at all, why would I? He was responsible for the killing of millions of innocent people for no reason at all.
  • It is very hard to give the criminally insane killer any respect at all.
  • The only type of people that would respect him is people like him. No, I do not have one little bit of respect for one of historys most evil person that ever lived!
  • he killed people. wrong. there is no justification whatsoever for that. for that i do not respect him. but he did have great oratory skills, i respect that facet of his personality... P.S. anyone DRs this, please state your reasons, or atleast make your presence felt here and then DR...
  • He did great service to Germany. Had he not been in government at all, the German economy would have been completely screwed. For that, he gains respect. This is struck down somewhat, though not entirely, when the millions of deaths come into consideration. It's not like he killed every one himself.
  • No, he lost. As for the rest of the answers they have obviously not studied any human history, Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler killed people. Genocide is a very common occurrence in history, Hitler just gets very bad press.
  • not to give any credit to the atrocities that he commited but you have to look at what he did for post world war 1 germany. bringing a nation with 80 percent inflation over 60 percent unemployment and some of the harshest fines to be doled out for the nation that didnt start the war. He was able to bring germany out of the ashes unify the people and bring them to a period of world strenght not seen any time since. Imagine one man and a movement that would soon take him from nothing rotting the in streets of vienna to the seat of a world power at the time. so call me a racist call me a jew hater or what ever you will i just look at the history. sorry to say but i can draw some paralells to our current pres and adolf hitler. Both came from disadvantaged back grounds both had very little experience in government. Both used the power and the strength of the youth movements to help their causes. both rose to power at a relatively young age. Both seemed to come from no where as far as politics. Read the book "Adolf Hitler: Rise and fall of the third Reich" its an interesting read and remember those that dont understand history are doomed to repeat it. as we have many times over and over IE 1930's depression and todays economic collapse.
  • hitler,puh-leez!no way!!!
  • None. What he did he accomplished through intimidation, blaming ethnic groups, force and murder. Stalin does not have my respect either.
  • Not really. But if I absolutely HAD TO find something good in him... eeeh... I'd name a couple of things. He was a good artist. He loved dogs. He was not a lazy man whatsoever. He was against smoking. And he had exceptional oratorical skills.
  • I dont give any mass murderer respect.
  • No, not any. He was a criminal.
  • In what regard? He didn't finish any races nor won any marathons and like America his military strategies caused more problems than they ever solved.
  • not at all, he dont deserve it since he was so evil

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