• Bank isn't much risk, stock market is very high risk. But bigger risks mean bigger rewards. Stock market will eventually go up again (will were screwed if it dont) so maybe a risk thats worth taking.
  • Neither. If you're smart, you'll open up a mattress account inmediately...then be ready for when they convert Dollars to Ameros and you'll lose it all anyways
  • I was given a list of the better banks the other day... But the fact that it was a bank that gave me the list... Meant nothing to me. #2 was BBnT Chase and Wamu are doing bad Bank of america is almost last in line at this point.
  • Historically, the stock market has always been the best route to go...depending on how old you are and how fast you'll need to get your hands on the assets. Right now, it would be a great time to invest in the stock market IF it had hit its low. Personally, I think it still has quite a ways to go. And what's happening in D.C. is not very all, and the markets are shouting that loud and clear. Many banks are shakey, as well...and the way they are linked together, it's difficult to determine with certainty which are safe. Even the FDIC, which insures individual funds up to $100,000 in a each bank, is said to be in some trouble, itself. Some are fleeing to investing in precious metals. You might look into that prospect, as well. But you need to know what you are doing on that score. These times are not good at all...and I think they're going to get a lot...LOT...worse. We have some real nitwits in Washington...and I'm not talking from partisan lines, either.
  • Right now any federally guaranteed bank. I would not invest anywhere other than an account with a bank that's federally insured. Whether it's a CD or bond. I do not trust anybody in the financial market.
  • look into what ppl used everyday, TP, Campbells soup, food, utilities these are considered safe stock, the pay off in samll in the short term, but long term the pay off acn be huge
  • No matter how cheap the stock is you can still lose money. The company could go bankrupt and not find a buyer. With the bank you are insured, but there may be a delay moving the funds back into the market. The DEA wants to check it all out and make sure that you are not a terrorist. This delay could be costly and you could miss the initial upswing of the market. Bottom line, you can never afford to risk more than are willing to lose.
  • USSavings Bonds. Its your most secure investment.

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