• We have 5 cats in the house. 4 of them follow me everywhere! They insist on being in the same room with me wherever I go. And when I use the bathroom, they try to push thru the door cuz I dont let them in there in me. So they sill sit outside the door and wait for me. I love my babies and I love that they love me. And yes, the dog follows too.
  • omg yes! my cat, and it wont shut the fuck up. Meow meow meeeeooooow meow, like what the fuck!!!!!!! it has food it has water, it has milk even!, and it even has tuna (on occasion) what else could it be bugging the shit out of me for? i give it plenty of attention!
  • Yeah, especially when he's kinda pantin' and lookin' all dreamy eyed at my leg! :-)

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