• opefully my future wife.
  • I hope no one does, I rather my life be celebrated than mourned. but I know of at least one person who will... my Angel, and I'll be crying in the ground for leaving.
  • How will I know.
  • I, too, hope that no one cries. In fact, I've planned for a celebration aboard a cruise liner, from which my ashes are to be tossed the first evening at sea and a week of fun and enjoyment to follow. The only thing that troubles me, there are a few in the family who have already begun to pack! :-)
  • My young son for sure. We had a pet bird die recently and he misses her tremendously. Then he realized that one day I will die and it broke his heart. His revelation of my death was both sweet and sad.
  • I would like to say no one.. I would like people to celebrate he life I had, knowing that I'll be moving on to a better place patently waiting for my true loved ones on the other side while watching over them.
  • This makes me SO sad. I'm really not sure, besides my parents. I makes me wish I could attend my own, even though that is nuts, I am embarassed by few people showing up.
  • I'm hoping they'll be too drunk and happy to care! ;) jk I'm going to go the whole cremation way, so hopefully the fact my body isn't there for a viewing will relieve people. Who wants to cry over alittle tiny box right?
  • absolutely no one
  • There will NOT be a funeral or service for me. IF people don't care enough to come and see me when I'm alive ; I sure don't want them sniffing around when I'm dead and about to be creamated ... So; to answer your question ...NO ONE .
  • I'm not sure, I don't know for sure who is really here for me or if they're just filling their time with mine
  • Hopefully, no one . I want it to be a celebration of my life. After all I am going to meet my maker. There is nothing to be sad about that.
  • No one I'm not inviting anyone..
  • Hopefully no one.
  • nobody. I don't expect anyone to even come. I will outlive my family and I have no local friends so I doubt there will be a need for a funeral and if anyone shows up they will show up JUST to be sure I am really gone but nobody will miss me
  • My family, I'm sure. Which will be one less since my son has just preceded me. I must sit down and write out my wishes for my own passing. That way they won't have to guess what I might have wanted.
  • My creditors
  • Probably my children if I ever have any but I hope they won't cry too much.
  • No-one. I don't plan on having one.
  • don't know, but hopefully not many people. they should know that i lived to make others smile, and i intended to keep them smiling
  • No one I hope! What I want is smiles and hugs and joy. I want my life to be celebrated and my loved ones to be comforted by the fact that I was always at peace, content and grateful. Everyone is part of the deal here. Anyway, I don't really plan to go too far away. I plan to watch over my loved ones from wherever I am! :) Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • My creditors.
  • I would not want anyone to cry for me at my funeral. I would be going to a place where there will be no tears, no pain and no more suffering. My family and friends should be happy for me.
  • ...all the people I owe money to!
  • About 20 some-odd people: My big half-brother, of whom we share a love of technology, my twin brother, who will be crying that I never joined the U.S. Military, my tobbaconist, who will miss my acerbic humor and habit of bringing in two or three new customers at a time, a Bank of America lawyer, because they're not seeing a penny of the grand in overages they say I owe them, and a bunch of people I pay to cry, then strip, drag my corpse out of the casket and burn my corpse in a pagan orgy of insanity!
  • No one. I wont even have one. The city will throw my body in a furnace and no one will be notified. But it's ok because it's all my fault and youre better than me, of course.
    • Linda Joy
      You will be missed, no matter how cantankerous you choose to be.
  • Ma babee will cry.
  • I'd rather they celebrate my bon voyage!
  • No one will cry for me, in fact I don't even want a funeral because I know nobody will show up and that would be very sad. and humiliating
  • no one... no funeral... what's left after science finishes with the body... feed the dogs

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