• It'll suck. Everything about Twilight sucks werewolf member.
  • It'll probably take a LOT of work to make that book into a movie. They probably won't even be able to. I mean the actors might look a little different and they'd have to make the werewolves on the computers or whatever and get a new kid to play Renesmee every other day of filming.
  • NO way...I think they will make it...and anything is possible in the movie world. Just look at Curious Case of Benjamin Button!! And yes Im a huge twilight fan! (But not as bad as those teeny bopper girls who cry over Edward) LOL
  • As with Harry Potter, they will make an unoriginal film about anything that might make a buck.
  • I thought only the first book was really good. The second was fair and the 3rd just stunk. As to the rewrite of the original story from Edward's perspective -- I'm just not interested.
  • It would be difficult to make, but I really hope that they still try because I'm curious to see how it would turn out.

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