• I feel that violent video games and movies only provoke inner feelings that the child may already have if they have any, and if they have these feelings then there gonna come out sooner or later so it isn't realy the game and/or movie makers fault.
  • yes to a point but i feel that with violent games they can take there anger out on the game as long as they know its JUST A GAME!!
  • No, they know the difference between fantasy and reality. People who blame video games for their behavior are just using it to justify something that they would probably have done any way. I play semi violent games and find it to be a great stress reliever, I can get rid of anger and such and the only people getting hurt are make believe characters. :-)
  • I think it depends on the age. Kids younger then seven don't always seem to realize that they can hurt other people when they fight. For older, I think it's good because it means they aren't going out for real. Sometimes I think that it makes a child think that it's really easy to kill someone and get away with it. Even with that I wouldn't think that they have warped the minds of most
  • I do not. But I play violent video games and watch violent movies, so my opinion is probably tainted.
  • My father claims that The Silence of the Lambs gave way to my morbid behavior. So, yes, HE, thinks so.
  • No, I do not. I started playing Doom, the controversial scapegoat for the Colombine massacre, at the age of four, and look at me! Of course, some people are just crazy.
  • OMG no! I hate when people claim this. Listen if video games influenced my life i would be sitting in a dark room eating pills listening to techno(pac-man) or eating mushrooms and stomping the shit outta turtles! (mario) or possibly wearing a mask and stabbing my family (psycho, halloween) Don't blame entertainment for kids actions, BLAME THE STUPID ASS PARENTs who cant keep an eye on what their kids are up to!
  • Nope. I've played GTA, and I still haven't run over any hookers yet. I've played Doom, and I still haven't shot up a school yet. I 've played Pac-Man, and I still haven't had cocaine yet. I've played Frogger, I still haven't been run over yet. I've played Zelda, I still haven't stabbed anyone yet. I've played Tetris, I still haven't blown up any buildings yet. I've played Solitaire, I still haven't killed the Queen of England.
  • My child is very young still ,only 15 months,but when my nephews played x-box and I was watching them,I could hear them,cussing and screaming DIE YOU *&#%@^! and fighting with each other non-stop until I finally had to shut the game off.I could not believe some of the graphic displays of violence in the games they were playing.Almost made MY stomache turn. I seen and heard first hand what it was doing to them and I didn't like it. I don't think I will be letting my little boy(they were 6 and 10)play any video games that are not suited for his age.Life is hard enough without dealing with all those extra negative images.
  • i absolutely do not. i think if anything it gives kids a way to get out their anger legally and not destructively.
  • I would say no only because they are exposed to the images on television. I think that because video games are so obviously a game that kids can seperate the violence from reality, but if a child is already prone to violence it might. Good question.
  • NO, i blame the parents and there being irrisponsible.
  • yes it is a proven fact. in a recent study there was a experment that showed people exposed that voilent video games tend to have lost brain cells more than people who are not exposed. creepy huh?
  • Yes, I do. I don't think there's a danger (except for a few) that people who play violent video games and watch violent movies will go out and reenact the behavior. It's the shift in perceptions and values that takes place that's troublesome. Studies have indicated that people who are exposed to constant violence become desensitized, which leads to isolation and a value shift where other humans are concerned.
  • I do not believe so i believe it is how the parents raise their kids but on the other hand you could have outstanding parents and the kids grow up to be troubled i guess in a way it is all the life decisions we make you really cant blame it on anybody or anything but yourself. blaming murderous behavior on games and movies is just a way for people to away with it in a way because then the plead insanity and blame it on society and global warming pretty much anything to get a lesser sentence.
  • no, i do not think that because children's are sopose to know right from wrong if there perents raise them right.
  • To keep that from happening, it would be nice if mom and dad took an active part in that stuff instead of some of them blaming the gaming world.
  • No and I don't believe that music lyrics have driven anyone to suicide or violence either. I think excuses like that are just a cop-out.
  • Maybe a little, at least while they're playing the game because it separates the player from the real world. Most people can snap out of that though with common sense.
  • After playing Fast and Furious the Arcade version I got into my car and started driving fast and furious LLR!
  • I think they may have if my kids had been allowed to have them.

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