• "I really don't think that this is Tetragrammaton. Although this song could be interpreted a few different ways, I would say it is basically saying "enough bowing down to disillusion." (and the lyrics are wrong, the song says "evolution" not "revolution.") To me, this song saying how stupid people are for valuing "Rogues" -this is causing them to live in disillusion. "Hats off and applause to evolution" is sarcasm, (this is basically the human way of life-admiring what really should not be admired, and evolving into rogues (dishonest people) ourselves [as a whole] On top of that, we are ignorant - if you think you are not affected by the world's disillusions, "you're not paying attention" [By 'disillusions' I mean the ignorance the human race has as a whole. For example, global warming... no wants to do anything about it, even though it's a huge problem. Naturally we wait until it is too late to change.] This is how I interpret this song anyhow... I know there are many ways of looking at it." For more interpretations of the song, see here:

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