• They don't scare me, I personally don't care for tattoos on the face OR neck but no, not scary.
  • It depends on the tattoo.
  • depends because some people like that.
  • Yes, I think so. Perhaps these tattoos make them look fierce to me. I am sorry for this perception.
  • YES. Well...I used to think so. I went to jail for a few days once. It was a holiday weekend, so I was in for Friday, Sat, Sun, and then Monday before a judge could see me. I was on 23-hour lock-down because they didn't know anything about me, so I had one hour of free time every day, and 23 hours to sit. They let me go to the library on the second day, though, and I checked out some on Ben Franklin, one about a persian political prisoner, one on Gandhi, and a Spanish/English poetry book by Pablo Neruda. I'm in my cell reading, and then this face appears at my tiny door-window. This guy had dark ink maori-style tattoo on the whole left-side of his face, and white ink tats on the right-side, which just looked more like scars than tats. This dude was huge, scary. He said "My name's Bull" and he asked what I was reading. I held up Neruda, and Bull said, "Pablo Neruda? The poet? I love Neruda! Give me the book." He scared me, so I slid the book under the door, thinking I'd never see it again and owe the jail liberary $30, but he took the book and began to read Neruda's love poems aloud in the open cell block to the inmates with the kind of passion that only a lifer could intimate. Then he slid the book back under my door, and said if I ever needed anything, he would set me up right. Fortunately that never became a necessity, as I was released on bail shortly after my court appearance on Tuesday. But now I think tat-face folk are pretty darn decent. Pretty darn decent indeed.
  • not really but i dont think theyre very attractive :(
  • Yes. I keep distance from them.
  • Not at all
  • They do not scare me...but I just wonder..."What were they thinking". I love tattoos...I have 25 of them. I just dont like them above the neck...but to each his/her own.
  • No, I just think they look ridiculous. : )
  • i dont like them
  • not usually..:O)
  • they don't scare me - but it is hard to see what they look like
  • No. Think Mike Tyson and Aaron Neville.
  • Nope...they're just a person like you and me. I would never get a tat on my face, but to each their own.
  • No, I picture what the tattoo will look like when they're old and they have droopy eyes like Joe Lieberman.
  • Just Mike Tyson, but he scared me even wihtout it.
  • No. Unless the tattoos jump off their face and attack me, then yes.
  • They dont scare me but I dont think they are mentally normal.
  • no it doesnt scare me, but i dont find them attractive in the least
  • I was a night club disc jockey in Daytona Beach for several years, and once, between good gigs, I had to do a strip bar for a few months. A local lady named spider lady often came in. She had spider web tatooed on her face. She would approach the DJ booth, lift her t-shirt and bounce her breasts on the chain she had pierced between her nipples. I was very afraid.
  • No, tattoos don't armor the 109 pressure points that maim, kill, or cause unconsciousness. A tattooed teardrop just means the idiot is bragging that he has killed, which means if he attacks, I'll not be pulling any punches, taking any chances, nor giving any mercy.

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