• good question. I'd say no, not if you can get a well paid job after your masters. But that's just my subjective opinion. Of course if you really enjoy the field you are studying, and have time and money, you might as well.
  • If you really want a career in university level academia: Absolutely. (Only NEVER use your own money! If you can't get a fellowship, scholarship, or grant, forget it!) If you really want a career doing scientific research: Usually. If you want to work for a think tank, foundation, NGO, or the like: Probably. For any other career, it depends on the career and the field.
  • It depended how valuable it would be to your career. If it means more money, more credibility, more self personal growth, I'd say go for it. Yes, I would think all that would be worth the time and money. Some people love research, reading, learning, exploring and it's a trip!
  • Whether you should pursue a doctorate or stop with a masters depends on the field and what you'd like to do after you graduate. If you're thinking about academe or specialized government jobs, then getting the Ph.D. is a must, especially in the current economy. If you're trying to get a job with a company, a masters in business administration might make the most sense. I haven't really addressed what you're getting the degree in because in today's economy, getting a masters in anything other than business administration is going to make it tough to market yourself.
  • I did the same as you. I didn't want my PH.D and I am happy without it. Some people have it just because and never use it. They will tell you that you can make more money. I haven't had that problem myself

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