• They have six months to legally present the check. I wouldn't do business with that company if their that sloppy with your check, next time it could just end up in an identity thief's hands.
  • A cheque is okay for six months after the date it was written.
  • As long as it is cashed within six is a valid check :)
  • Six months.
  • In general most banks will honor checks for six months..some even longer. Whether you wrote the check six months ago or not, your checkbook should have reflected that withdrawal so I don't understand why you wouldn't have sufficient funds in your account to cover it. Do you keep a running track of your balance? Do you reconcile your bank statement monthly? What happened that caused your account to be overdrawn? Happy Monday! :)
  • Proper accounting practices have no time limit. When you write a check, immediately account for it in either your register or financial software. It shouldn't matter when the check is cashed, the money has already been deducted and your register reflects that.
  • in general 6 months for private checks, you need to access you account online more often that way you can see when checks have come in and what has cleared and what has not and what you balance is, this will help you keep your account more on track.

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