• Sounds like nonsense to me, I can't figure out the definition of 'souls' or 'creat ourselves'.
  • True, just as food is the nourishment of the body, art nourishes and replenishes the soul. But the similarities keep going, just like there is junk food, there is "junk art", so one must keep an eye on what one is consuming, "eating" healthy makes us be and feel better. Nice question.
  • I find that any art is essential for growth of the feel of aesthetics, and for our development of taste. However, it is not for everyone to be able to fully take in what was created by others, since not all art brings out positive emotions. But if you are a true artist you will be able to cherish simply the fact that art brings out emotions.
  • i think its true
  • It really sums up what I feel about the arts. I have a true appreciation for all you have listed here; my life has been enriched by the hours I've spent fully engrossed in creations of very talented people. Their work brings such a light to our lives. We can't all create a masterpiece, but we are all capable of enjoying one.
  • I'm not so sure. What about nuns, monks and those who take vows of silence or live in monasteries and lead very ascetic lives? Their world is all about soul. :)
  • You know - I was just having a similar thought today - in relation to the new "colonies" and their artistic heritage. Ok - USA was colonised by a wide range of europeans starting in around 1623-ish. South Africa has a couple of hundred years of history of Europeans, as have Australia and New Zealand. All those colonists were steeped in a culture of arts (literature, music, art, theater etc). My thought process revolved more around music - if those colonists arrived out with a sound background in european classical/romantic (whatever the period) music, why has it taken so long for those countries to produce classical composers? Indeed how many can you name? Ok, as far as USA is concerned, Aaron Copland seems to be the most prominent - and he was not writing til the last century.
  • Thanks for this excellent question. Great art is inspirational and timeless. From Helquin Artifacts: "What does art do?" If we justified all our endeavors on the basis of profit alone, we'd live in a dismal world. Those who begrudge even the tiniest public financial support for the arts are to be feared and opposed. Attached are a few random art samples. ===================

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