• Yes. Yes they are. Very. And they down rated you just for asking. PETA breaths!
  • Not all of them, but the ones I know certainly are. I'm a vegetarian, I don't need to be lectured about what I put in my mouth. Maybe if they weren't so uppity and self-righteous, people wouldn't think they're dicks.
  • Vegetarian... An old Indian word meaning Poor Hunter.
  • Vegans are like alot of other people who seek to have a spoiled brat attitude toward their ideals. They seem to want to lay in the floor and kick their heels scream and hold their little breaths till everyone does things their way. What is remarkable they do not understand when they comsume vegetables they are eating the embryonic stage of a living thing . Oh listen the the screams of the soybean as it is turned into tofu. Mr Bill
  • No... they don't annoy me. But they don't always look as healthy as one might assume from their lifestyles. They usually look a little sickly, kinda gray and skinny to me.
  • I live in a town where I would estimate about 25% of the total inhabitants are either vegetarian or vegan (I'm really not joking here). That said, I don't mind vegans as people, but I do mind their misinformation about nutrition. They think that they're being healthy and compassionate (I think it's debatable whether they're really being that compassionate, but I am neutral on that subject), but they are most definitely not more healthy than someone who eats animal products. The fact that a vegan diet will reduce someone to skin and bones, even to the point of reducing muscle mass and necessary body-fat.... It's frankly disturbing. What's more disturbing is that the misinformation keeps spreading. Worse than vegans, though, are people who do the whole raw food diet.
  • No vegetarian I know has ever tried to shove their beliefs down my throat, so I don't see how I can be annoyed by them.
  • No they're not annoying, but they're not realistic either.
  • "Ethical Vegans" have their heads up their butts. They think "ohh, poor Bambi... I shall never eat meat again to spare the lives of our little friends." But if they wash their hair, what about the hundreds of mites they kill? MURDERING HYPOCRITES!! And they wash their organic lettuce killing countless little arthropods... HEARTLESS MONSTERS!! They walk through grass with barely a thought about the critters they might step on... BRUTAL MARAUDERS! Yes, unless they curl up in the fetal position on their floors and vow never to eat or walk again, they do just as much damage as anyone else. Such is the human fate.
  • Like any people of ideals they can be annoying when they show intolerence of differing ideals, like when your just about to bite into a juicy burger and the vegan feels the need to call you a murderer. I always quip back that I consume meat only to ensure the survival of those species we cultivate for food, how many cattle or sheep would die horribly if we didn't feed them and milk them.
  • Only when they are trying to push their beliefs onto you. And in that case, ANYONE trying to push their ideals onto someone else is the exact definition of annoying. However, I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians that do NOT try to push their beliefs/eating habits on other people and they are among the sweetest people I know!
  • Not all of them. I have a friend at work who's vegan who doesn't try to convert anyone or anything like that. She just eats what she eats and doesn't really care what other people eat.
  • I don't find them annoying. They are dedicated to their cause for their own reasons and I respect that.
  • 1) Only those who insist in converting other people to their cause. I generally dislike missionaries of any kind. But I have rarely been annoyed by a vegan. 2) I am a vegetarian and I think that everyone has to make their choices for themselves. However, I can sometimes become annoying if someone insists in giving me non vegetarian foods.
  • Nah, only the preachy cunt types. It is not fair to generalise. It can take a little more effort when inviting them over for dinner i.e. you have to plan what to cook, get soya milk in etc. but I am a good cook with a good imagination. Personally I do not agree that it is a healthy choice of diet as our bodies were designed for us to be omnivores, but hey we are all entitled to make decisions on how we choose to live our lives. Fair play to them, takes alot of discipline.
  • Only if they bitch at you, or try to convert you, the same is true for anyone of any alternative lifestyle or religion.
  • I don't think that's true at all. The vegans I know are all down to earth, and don't really talk about their diet- why would they? I'm a vegetarian myself, and have been thinking of becoming a vegan. (My doctor told me to avoid milk like the plague, and I don't really eat eggs. I may as well become a vegan!) I think a statement such as yours certainly demonstrates your narrow minded thinking.
  • They don't bother me in the slightest... well... only the militant ones that get mad because I love a good steak. The others are fine.
  • Some can be but most aren't. They are simply people with a preferred diet. They choose not to eat anything with a face on it or use products that come from animals. They don't affect my life in any negative way.

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