• What kind of Cable do you have? "The Box" is usually what it takes to decipher the programing that goes to your TV. But that all depends on what kind of service you are getting.
  • The F-Connector on the back of the TV is held in place by a locking nut on the inside of the TV. The nut loosened which allowed the connector to rotate. You will need to remove the back of the TV to get to the nut and tighten it. Since you say you can no longer get a signal through the F-connector the rotation of the F-connector may have broken the wires connecting to it. You can either pay a TV repairman to fix the F-connector or continuing using the AV jacks to watch TV.
  • If I got this right, you tried hooking the cable right up to the TV without a cable box, but you get no channels. Could be because most cable companies have gone digital and you either can't receive channels with an older non-digital TV, or all the channels are scrambled by the cable company and you can only use their cable box.

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