• I think it might, but let get serious for a minute, no one will ever prosocute him for it.
  • No. I understand what you're saying, but the people who hate us are going to hate us regardless of what happens to Bush. Sure, a lot of people around the world would like to see him prosecuted, but I don't think it would have an affect on our security.
  • I doubt it. We didn't do anything to stop him when he was performing the actions people around the world hate him for. Prosecuting a man who no longer has any authority will be seen for exactly what it is. Trying to give the impression that we give a shit, but not actually doing anything beneficial.
  • Didnt he pardon himself?
  • He is the President..he is the former President. Sorry but you are going to have a hard time prosecuting him. Legally you can only prosecute a President for behavior he did in the past..but it is nearly impossible to prosecute a President for what he does in office:) That's what Are Founding Fathers say:) I guess that's why there is only a 2 term election now:)
  • It would empower the terrorists. Iran has already said the wanting dialogue with them makes us appear weak. Saying that what Bush did was illegal would give credence to claims of the terrorists and the people that call us imperialists. It would also upend international law. It would call into question the un-Constitutional things every president does. If you prosecute Bush, let's prosecute every living president for their illegal acts. (And they've all done them.)
  • >>Do you think prosecuting bush might help prevent another terrorist attack? Probably not, but it's still a good idea. I would use 'extraordinary rendition,' since it's one of George's favorite techniques. We would drop him off in a comfortable location in the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan with no food or water. This would provide him with a unique opportunity to learn diplomacy. He would have to negotiate with the locals for sustenance. As soon as they figured out who he was, ... justice would be served.
  • It's a great idea. I think his punishment should be to paint the sign for his $300 million library.
  • prosecute him for what?
  • Definitely. The cause of all terror is injustice. The U.S. would ease some of the rage and revengeful thoughts our way that give motive for attacks by bringing justice against Bush for the unnecessary war in Iraq.
  • Umm...i think Bush has done enough damage. Lets just leave him in Texas and let him screw his farmland animals.
  • Gee, did prosecuting Bush help stop 9/11? Bush had been in office what, 8 months, by 9/11? I'm sure the terrorists had had plenty of time to learn to hate him in eight months. The first World Trade Center attack was on Bill Clinton's watch, I believe. The attack on the USS Cole was also on Clinton's watch, I believe. Do you think prosecuting Bill Clinton would have prevented 9/11? I think you are projecting your own feelings onto the terrorists. By doing so, you are offering them your support. They want to turn us against our government and bring us to their side. Is that where you want to be? They really don't care who is in office or what they believe. They hated us on Clinton's watch, they hated us on Bush's watch. If I'm not mistaken, part of what turned them against us was when they started getting access to US television shows. They objected to the ostentatious wealth and licentiousness depicted on television shows like Dynasty and Dallas. They didn't have any opposing voices to tell them that those shows didn't depict life in the US but were total fiction and they couldn't understand why we watched such garbage. In that, I agree with them. That is why my TV is off much of the time. I don't think they want us to be more tolerant of their beliefs, they want us to obey their beliefs. So unless you want to live as one of them, they are going to hate you, whether you prosecute the president or not.
  • I think it would be perceived as a victory by our enemies...and the same issues would still persist. They want to wipe us out - along with the rest of the western world.
  • Prosecute him for what? And I am curious to hear your train of thought on how a prosecution would prevent another terrorist attack.
  • Yes, but it would require going after Cheney as well, and it would be expensive! But they need to make a clear example of the two of them, that this kind of nonsense won't be tolerated by anyone else! They should not only throw the book at them, they should be placed under the jail for multiple lifetimes with no chance what so ever of reprieve, parole, pardon, or reversal!
  • What???? The terrorist are going to attack no matter what and at least President Bush faught back
  • Let's try it and see.

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