• Get used to what they are given.
  • The rule that I have for my children is that if they dont like it, I wont make them eat it, however, if they want a snack after supper, then they need to it all gone. I will not make a "special" supper for them. They get whats put in front of them.
  • I agree children should not be given the freedom to choose what they eat. They are not equipped to decide whats best for them. I've said it many times: weigh the responsibility they have with their allotted freedom.
  • If they are allowed to eat just what they want, they may make wrong choices and perpetuate bad eating habits. How can a kid grow and develop properly eating just jelly beans and ice cream? They need a balanced diet no matter how they kick and scream about the broccoli.
  • Depends how old the children are.
  • When I made dinner, they could eat that or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Kids have things they like, and things they dont, I wouldnt force a child to eat something, just becuase I like it. I did encourage them to at least take a bite, so they can see if they like it or not.
  • Dont force them to eat stuff if they REALLY dont like it, however make them eat most of the veg. Find their favourite and give them a lot of that. If they actually despise it i wouldn't force it down their throats
  • Choice within boundaries. For example, at home if you're having chicken for dinner, they're having chicken for dinner. But if you're out at a restaurant, I'd give them a few choices and let them pick one. Gives them a sense of having some control over their lives, lets them learn to start making decisions and gives them a sense of pride that their decisions are respected.
  • Choose what they wish to eat from the meal provided. I always took into account his likes and dislikes, as an adult I don't eat what I don't like so why should he? So long as what he got was a good balanced diet it didn't matter to me.
  • I think children need to be taught what is good healthy food and also eat what is best for them within reason. They can be allowed some choice as they get older, but I'm all for a family eating a meal together, and everyone not eating something different. I think something more like 'Which green vegetable do you want?" is better than "Do you want a vegetable?"

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