• Let's see...I think the formula is something like: normal male/female conflicts + racial dilemmas x ignorance. I forget how it goes exactly, but I think that's pretty close.
  • It depends where you live. There are still some ignorant people who have a problem with black men and white women who interracially date/marry each other. But, the younger generation is more tolerable of it. Where I'm from, it doesn't matter. People can date whomever they find attractive.
  • Depends on which country you live in and what part of that country you live in You will get some people giving you weird looks when you are holding hands or hugging in public You might have a family member be upset at you for dating a black guy or they might not want anything to do with you or him even at your wedding or even if you have kids (it does happen to some women in mixed realtionships) Maybe some women will get jealous on what you have and try to be rude with comments to you or behind your back One day you might run into a white supremist who will tell you, you are a traitor to the white race and they will give your b/f shit about he shouldnt be even touching you or be allowed to be with you Just remember you love him for who he is and if he makes you happy then thats all that matters and dont worry about what other people who are negative about it they are either jealous or stupid
  • i tend to have to deal with lots of dirty looks from strangers in public.

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