• Not real 1.Evps are sometimes the result of people deriving meaning out of natural noises and is a form of auditory pareidolia. The hardware in our sensory system is designed to see changes in things. So when we hear repeated sounds, our brain picks out and pieces together what sounds to us like spoken words. 2.Some EVPs are nothing more than radio interference.
  • Well there are no such things as ghosts- so hopefully that answers ur questions.
  • Rather they are real are not depends on your own opinion and how you interpret what you are hearing. Most times what is captured are noises that can not be identified because of distortion. Many are faked and is not a good indicator for paranormal proof. A recorder would only be able to satisfy your own piece of mind because you do not know if someone else's recording was not tampered with. I will not say if they are real or not because lack of proof is not fact. All I can say is I have never captured anything on a recording that I could not find a normal explanation for. As for debunking I am sure if you listen to a recording and you hear a sound if you are familiar with your surroundings you can determine for yourself what sounds should show up and which ones can not be explained.

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