• An ex of mine had that problem. The ultra-sensitive trojans seemed to do the trick.
  • it is only because you took your mind off of any arousal and the deed to follow, and at present focusing on getting that dasterdly thing on that you lose you erection and you both have to work on getting that mojo going again. it is no biggie.
  • Try to make a game of it!
  • I had the same problem before I switched to the larger sized condoms. I'm a grower not a shower see, so the constriction of a standard sized condom works against my anatomy.
  • Common. Condoms suck but are necessary, obviously. My suggestion is to find an Indian pharmacy (South Asian Indian) and purchase the generic form of Viagra.
  • I saw in a comment thread that you live in Aussie and have a hard time with selection. There are plenty of places you can buy condoms online and have them discreetly delivered to you. Might check a few websites for larger sizes and thinner styles. Trying to get over the mental roadblock of "Aw, crap, I have to deal with THIS thing again?" could help, too. Try to make it part of the experience, not so much a necessary evil.
  • You may want to try a cock ring. You may also want to have your partner put the condom on for you. The other suggestions about different condoms are good too.
  • It is payback for the sins of previous generations. The same happens to me- all we can do is pray and quit having sex of any kind. It's the only solution.
  • Was t too tight? Like you get it halfway down n struggle to get it further down n lose your hard in the process? Try one size larger. Don't worry about length, small condoms stretch lengthwise, large ones unroll only how much you need. Think about thickness. If that's your problem. Just try it.
  • Why are YOU putting it on? When SHE puts it on you, it's foreplay!
  • I don't think that is uncommon. Way it has been explained to me is thinking about the mechanics of doing it you takes your mind off your arousal so you lose it. I do think too that some men have less strong erections than others and are more easily distracted. I learned how to roll them on with my mouth so it becomes part of the play and they won't have to think about that. But you might want to think as well of learning how to pull out before ejaculation (which is mostly effective but not 100% or refraining altogether from it while you are up us which it seems was much more common when I was young - so you would less need condoms.

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