• Is this person the 'toothfairy' tinkerbelle?
  • They are being quite ignorant . IF you are sleeping in a room ; you have the RIGHT to close the door for your own privacy and /or protection ... Ignor them and close your door.
  • If you want it open, open it. If you want it closed, close it. Neither is better than the other.
  • The buck stops with me so I keep my bedroom door open at night so maybe I can hear or smell anything odd happening in the house. But that's just me. Why does the person insist you keep your bedroom door open at night?
  • I always keep my door open, and I prefer to keep the other bedroom doors in my house open as well, however, when someone is staying in a bedroom who wants the door shut, I'm OK with that. In my opinion, it helps keep the house temperature more evenly distributed to open the doors. The back bedrooms get too cold, or too hot otherwise.
  • Depends on who you doing something about. If it's your neighbor, tell them to get the hell out of your house. If it's your parent, do as your told. They did kinda make you from their bodily fluids, feed and cloth you for years now, and do the best they could to teach you everything about life. Maybe a little unqualified respect is due.

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