• I watch enough tv to get the gist of the trailers of the movies I want to see, and 2/3 of the time, I am happy with what I see, literally.
  • I dont like to watch too much of it because I like surprises. I think they give away to much in the previews as it is. I just saw Taken and it was great.
  • I usually watch a trailer before I decide to go to a movie ..
  • I don't put a lot of stock in reviews. They are just another opinion. I usually just go.
  • I usually just take a chance and go. Horror is about the only thing not to my liking and will absolutely not go to but even then I may make an exception if a friend can convince me its something thats really suspenseful and NOT just another lame gore-fest.
  • Yes cause I don't like wasting my time and money on a bad movie.
  • I just go. What I look for in a movie is not what the masses are interested in, it seems.
  • Given that I don't go to the movies much anymore (I don't like gambling that there won't be any annoying attendees around me), a movie really has to appeal to me before I'll go. Whether it be written reviews or strong reccomendations from trusted sources.
  • I suppose I must do - I rarely go to the movies, and only ever go if I have heard something good about the film. I usually wait til it comes on tv. I have only once been on my own to the movies - must do it again sometime
  • Read the reviews, read the synopsis, and watch the trailers. Going to the cinema these days as a family is too expensive to take a chance on it being no good.
  • The way I judge it is ... if it gets a "bad" review, then I know that 75% of the time, I will like the movie. If it gets a "great" review, that drops to about 30-40%. But, if it's starring someone I like, and in a genre I like, I'm usually gonna see it, regardless. The percentages usually still hold true, tho'.
  • If I want to see it I just go.
  • I usually read a synopsis and reviews if I don't already know what the movie is about, though most of the time I just wait til the movie is released to DVD and borrow it from the library. $10 is too much to pay for a movie ticket.
  • My bf does that and it get's on my nerves. It's like, now you know how it ends. I usually go by the hype and previews. Heheh.
  • I check and see who the main actors are. I make a judgement about the rating. I saw Angels and Demons, last. It is rated pg-13. It was exciting, fast paced and violent...with no sexual interludes. I went because Tom Hanks was the star. I like to be surprised. If it is really bad, I will walk out and visit a coffee shop, or a book store.
  • Taking a chance is what life's all about.

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