• This answer may help, Today olive oil is as multipurpose as ever. Olive oil products are included in cosmetics, detergents, medicines, and even textiles. But the oil still serves principally as food. let us know of any new products.
  • In simpleterms, the olive is the fruit of an evergreen, and olive oil is essentially what is squeezed from the olive. Because of its slow growth, the olive tree maytake up to ten years or more before producing well. After that, the tree canproduce fruit for hundreds of years. It is said that there are olive trees inPalestine that date back more than a thousand years! The versatility of olive oil was especially evident in the ancient world. In Egypt,for example, olive oil was used as a lubricant in moving heavy buildingmaterials. In addition to being a basic food, olive oil was used as a cosmeticand as fuel in the Middle East.
  • Two I think, The Olive and the leaf, maybe the wood too.

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