• Abuse a minor
  • I don't know most of my family, but I've been told I have an uncle in jail for embezzlement...I don't even know his name. The closest friend I ever had (who I would consider closer than family to me) is doing federal time for using a dead guy's ID to purchase a 50 cal Barrett and transport it across state lines...and upon his (parents) house getting raided, large quantities of C4 and grenades were seized along with other things the authorities considered unpleasant.
  • My brother got caught smuggling cocaine across a checkpoint going to north Texas. He claimed that his friend that was with him was the one that put it in the the gas tank, and the guy said it was his fault so he was sent off to some boot camp in California for about a year, and received probation for an additional year after he got out. I think he got off pretty easy if you ask me. That drug is one of the worst things, I believe, you could ever put in your body.
  • Vote Republican
  • My Mother was outlawed in the 80's from driving in an Australian state for 1 year due to excessive speeding fines.
  • He betrayed our country by identifying 250 CIA agents and other agents. He was responsible for the deaths of both CIA operatives and MI6 agents. He died in Cuba a few years ago and I'm not shedding any tears for him.
  • killed someone
  • my brother held up a convenience store with a sawed off shotgun when he was 16. He spend 4 years in juvenile detention and has another 2 of probation. He deffinetly learned his lesson.
  • I have an uncle who's a police chief who used to smuggle meat across the borders of European countries on a regular basis. I was in the car once, and the border guard asked if he had brought any meat, and he said he hadn't. I thought to myself, "What's he talking about? There's a whole deer in the trunk"

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