• It is my belief, however unpopular, that there is a kernel of truth to any stereotype, on some level. They do not create themselves. Society's unfortunate use of "mob mentality" helps to perpetuate these concepts and cement them as universal blanket truths, making all Indians cheapskates, all blacks uneducated criminals, and all Irish drunken louts. Et cetera. For example: I have often heard the stereotype that all Asians are horrible drivers. That's probably not true 100% of the time, but I have seen several Asian drivers in the past 5 years who were horrible to the point of being terrifying. One of them rear-ended me on an off-ramp. The media takes this and runs with it, most likely because it is an easy and useful way to create fear in the news, and cheap laughs on sitcoms. Our mob mentality takes care of the rest.
  • i think they both do

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