• until further laws are always confused
  • It can last up to a week. If it lasts longer than that you may want to see the doctor about it.
  • I had hernia surgery 2 months ago and the anesthesia lasted 3 days after I woke up from the surgery. No wonder they wanted me to have someone else to drive. After my back surgery I was in so much pain I never noticed the anesthesia they used. I have been in 24-7 pain since. And at least one inch shorter because of at removed vertebrae. The back surgery was in 1997.
  • I have and ex friend who told me on the phone he does not believe a doctor would let me be in this much pain. But they treat me like I deserve the pain because I had back surgery.
    • Linda Joy
      Chronic pain is often discounted by those who don't have it. It's very misunderstood. And yes it happens.
    • Rick Myres
      One thing about after the hernia surgery am so glad to not have the abdominal spasms now. They were very debilitating.

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