• Not likely, I've never heard of atheists knocking on doors to try to convert people or travelling around the world to spread atheism or handing out tracts to people.😖😖
  • Yes! I don't think anyone should push their beliefs onto anyone else, if somebody has a sincerely held belief different to your sincerely held belief who is to say which is right & which is wrong?. I have many friends who have different religious or philosophical views but we respect each other's beliefs.
  • So far, I've never had one atheist knock on my door to push atheism. Christians -- number in to the thousands over my lifetime. I've also only known atheists to push for and vote fore MORE EQUALITY and MORE CIVIL RIGHTS for MORE PEOPLE. Christians - they try to screw people over and denigrate more people with legislation at every opportunity.
  • Most atheists are perfectly happy to leave the religious to their beliefs as long as the religious stay out of their faces and do not attempt to impose their beliefs on anyone else. In fact, as long as you leave me alone, and as long as you are doing no harm, I will defend to the death your right to believe as you please -- per the Constitution of the United States. That's what most of us would do, regardless of our lack of belief in a god.
  • Worse. Atheists are fighting against something the don't even believe exists! What a waste of energy. I don't push my religion on anyone, and just because someone else did doesn't mean you need to assume I'm just like them. No two atheists are alike either and I don't judge one based on the actions of another. I've had newcomers pre judge and verbally attack me just because I'm a Christian. And I never once even asked them to consider Christianity. Actually they are more hateful than pushy. Either way forcing a belief is like pushing a string. It doesn't work.
    • OrangeDonRump
      I've seen people respond harshly to you - but it was mostly because you were saying really stupid crap.
    • MisterKatt
      Slight correction -atheists are pushing against or opposing your BELIEF in something they do not believe exists.
    • Linda Joy
      Told you! They can't let anything go. Orange troll, FYI, I have an IQ in the top 6-10% of the world's population so no matter what you say its a statistical probably that I'm far smarter than you are. Knowing this its very difficult for you to intimidate me with third grade name calling. And Katt, why do you even care what I believe? I don't give a rat's tail what either of you think about me. But please continue, you're only showing all the AB users what an ass you are and why *SOME* atheists are worse than pushy Christians! You've basically proved my point. I never tried to convince either of you of anything, yet you both decided to attack my answer. So... There you have it!
    • Linda Joy
      Orange troll, just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean THEY are the one that's stupid!
  • Possibly, but they're certainly far less numerous. Pushy Christians are everywhere.
  • For me, yes, they are just as bad, but for me also is that atheists usually quit arguing at some point, where Christians don't usually at all.
  • When I experienced tragedy in my life, Christians came out of the woodwork to take advantage of it to try to convert me. They were stopping by, putting things in my mailbox, calling me. It wasn’t coming from a place of concern or love. It was manipulative and opportunistic. Also, I had to switch jobs once. After 5 years of working in a clinic with no problems, my coworkers and the doctor started a morning prayer routine. I would politely decline. All of a sudden there were Ray Comfort books showing up on my desk. Getting me saved became their big priority. And during a meeting I was told that they could no longer consider my suggestions because I was not walking with the lord so I didn’t have the same powers of discernment. They turned on me, so I had to leave a job I loved. So no. My opinion is that pushy Christians are worse.

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