• A piece of a Mayan temple... Hehehe. Foriegn coins.
  • I keep a "Cabinet of Curiosities" just for this sort of stuff. Looking at it, I see: Shrapnel fragments from some artillery rounds that fell short during training in the Mojave (29 Palms, Corridor). One guy collected so much, it killed him. California beach sand (much coarser than our Atlantic beach sand!) Lots and lots of seashells, stars, sand dollars (Isle of Palms area, SC) A couple old .50 caliber shells. (Desert again) Skulls. (none human -- those are in the barn.) Thurmond Lake Some of those neat wooden 3D model dinosaur 'skeletons' from Charleston SC. Chips from Vegas. And a newspaper advertising the 'escort services'. Still full bottles of beer from my birthplace in Germany Paintings from my time spent later in Germany, along with a jacket with patches from every place I visited in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Switzerland, and a few other European places. and a lot of various other knickknacks and dust catchers.
  • Mostly just the memories of the trip and the nice people I meet while I'm traveling. I remember going into the Gold Rush Country and going out into the gold fields and panning for gold. No gold, but I did find some old, square, iron nails from that era, I suppose.
  • Besides the stones picked bu by the boys from all around the world I'd say a brass etched plate I picked up in Morocco and a very unique "Three wise men" wall plate I got from Thailand are my favorites.
  • Mostly rocks and shells. We have gathered them from beaches at Cape Cod,Massachusetts..Birch Island, Maine...Los Angeles, California and Waikiki in Honolulu. Rocks and shells, shells and rocks. Each has a story to tell! :)
  • When on vacation in Colorado, I bought presents for family. Sea shells and t-shirts from Daytona and Panama City Beach, FL are the only "travel treasures" that I brought home.
  • I rode to Alaska, on motorcycle, and brought back a souvenir T-shirt and a lot of great memories. I was a member of the SCMA, for seventeen years, and collected a lot of motorcycle ride patches and paraphernalia. Drag racing trophies, from traveling a quarter mile at a time.
  • I always find great travel refrigerator magnets and on occasion I find a carved mask, great wine or liquor, or some local crafts.

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