• No I don't! I'm short, not disabled! And what about tall people, hitting their heads on things and stuff like that?
  • No, I don't think welfare has the capacity to cover it.
  • No! If we start granting the title of disabled to short people, then we'd have to do something about tall people, and skinny people, and fat people, and eventualy we'd get to the point where every child born is eligable for disability, and we end of mincing words with everyone we talk to for fear of seeming insensitive to their 'disability'.
  • How short is short? I am a very tall short person and have no wish to be considered disabled
  • No. Tall people, like me and short people all have their own challenges. However, a friend of mine who was my hero and also deaf, blind, and unable to walk well told me that she prefered to be called handicapped because it reminded her of golf. I think folks are just what they are. we all have challenges, limitations and strengths.
  • They are, aren't they? The very very short ones.
  • if they are very short and have many inconvieniences they should get invalidity benefit
  • The phrases are vertically challenged and differently abled.
  • No. I know “short” people that because they were unable to compete physically with others in school compensated with mental achievement and now make 6 figure incomes. It was a help not a hindrance.
  • If they had something like dwarfism, well of course. Isn't someone considered a dwark if they are under a certain height? Not sure any feedback would be great.
  • Only if a person is short to an extreme extent with such an actually different-abled type of short, such as dwarfism. Then the assistances they should get are some sorts of lifts and reaching equipment. I am 5' 2" and am not so bothered by it, I just ask for some help if I really need it, but I try to get things done on my own first. You often become good at climbing, and look at the world a different way than taller people do. It's best if people can work things out when they need something. It makes a person feel good.
  • Being eye level with everyone else's mid-section. I'd say that's a handicap!
  • No short people should not be considered handicapped I myself am short I am 5ft3in my husband said I have legs that go all the way up to heaven HA!HA!! God rest his soul
  • No! Short people have hinders in life like everyone else; tall, large, too thin, mental problems. We don´t classify them as handicapped per sei.
  • I joke that I'm vertically challenged but I wouldn't want to be considered physically disabled/handicapped.
  • No , they're already low down bums .
  • Short people have just has much brain power has the next person.I am surprised that the tall people havent knocked themselves out hitting their heads on door frames.This guy i was with was 6'4 everytime he stood up in my mum living room he would always bang his head on a light chandelier it was so funny everytime this happened.He must have ended up with brain damage the amount of times it happened.I mean we warned him everytime to mind the light and to duck.Tall guys and woman all look gangly and with no co ordination.It is so funny just look at a prime example of PETER CROUCH he looks like he is banging his head all the time lol.I would never say being short is a handicap i can do just has much has the nect person/.
  • Yes, I am 4'9" and considered under the height of the average 10 yr old so not even legally tall enough to sit in the front seat of a car, and actually short enough to qualify for the use of a booster seat. Harness style seat belts cut my throat and if I use a pad on it so it doesn't cut, it still strangles me. I have to have a car with an electric seat so I can move it up close enough to the pedals and up in the air enough to be able to see over the dash board, otherwise I have to pay to have pedal extensions put in. Countertops are too high to cook on, and it is dangerous trying to move pasta or potatoes that need to be drained because we have to lift the boiling pot over our heads to drain the boiling water off.
  • no, unless they are 1'7" tall.
  • Why? What would the handicap be? They can't reach the top shelf in the market?? Yup, Im short, Im not handicapped becaue of it..
  • No more than tall, skinny or portly people are.

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