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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Toilet Slave--A Guide for Women {Hungry Guy} (FM nosex faq oral anal ws scat copr caution) By Hungry Guy ------------------------------- ADVANTAGES ------------------------------- - HEALTHY Using a toilet slave is no riskier than receiving oral sex from someone. If he's your permanent toilet slave, YOU are the ONLY one he has contact with. There is ZERO risk to you! You are safer than being in a relationship with someone who could cheat on you without you knowing. - CLEAN Your toilet slave is self-emptying and self-cleaning. Never again get on your hands and knees to clean that nasty toilet bowl. - CONVENIENT Unlike toilets that often clog up and overflow at the most inconvenient times, a toilet slave never "clogs up" and is available 24 by 7. - ODOR FREE Your ass is pressed tightly against his lips under the weight of your body. Your waste is never exposed to room air. No odor can escape. - NO MESS Because of the direct connection between your clit and his mouth, no spills can occur. Besides, a person doesn't really pee that much at one time, his mouth can easily hold all your pee without overflowing. Try this experiment: Pee into an empty milk carton. Fill a second empty milk carton with drinking water, up to the same amount of pee in the first milk carton. Hold your breath and pour all the water into your mouth without drinking it, then swallow it. That's about how much pee you will be feeding your slave in each sitting. Never worry about an overflowing toilet again! - SANITARY After you finish, he licks your bottom clean. You don't have to touch yourself "down there" to wipe. You don't even have to touch so much as a germ-ridden toilet handle. - CLEANLINESS After you finish, he licks your ass cleaner than you could by wiping with paper. - SAFE Your toilet slave can be shackled and strapped down for your safety if you desire. - LOW COST It is a proven fact that human waste contains many undigested nutrients. The same is true of all "animals;" that's why dogs nibble in litter boxes; they can smell the undigested bits of cat food. You, alone, can provide your toilet slave with about 25% of their nutritional requirement, directly from your ass. Since a toilet slave is immobile and doesn't exert any energy, that is sufficient nourishment. A daily multi-vitamin pill is all else that he needs. - SENSUOUS It feels so much more sensual to have your ass licked clean by a warm wet tongue than by a dry scratchy wad of paper. - ORGASMIC You can tell him to suck on your privates after using him. Have an orgasm every time you use the toilet, and whenever else the mood strikes you too. - TEASING You can tease your toilet slave in so many delightful ways. You can keep his hands shackled down and deny him the ability to pleasure himself. After all, giving you an orgasm with his mouth (if you so desire) is all the pleasure he needs, right? - REFRESHING During your period, your toilet slave's tongue can clean out that nasty filth far more refreshingly than by shoving up a tube of cloth covered cardboard. And safer too! You can't get Toxic Shock Syndrome from your toilet slave's tongue. - FREEDOM Your toilet slave is NOT your boyfriend. Feel free to go out and party, if that's your thing. And if you bring a guy home, your toilet slave can clean up that nasty mess down there after a torrid love session. - NO RISK You choose your own risks. You can never catch a dose from your permanent toilet slave, because you are his only contact. However, you can choose to go out and do whatever, and whoever, you want. The risks you take are YOUR choice, not his! - NO RESPONSIBILITY You have no responsibility to your toilet slave except to "feed" him once in a while. - NO HASSLES No relationship issues. Orgasm when YOU are in the mood, and ONLY when YOU are in the mood. All physical contact is strictly on YOUR need and YOUR whim, never his. And even if you ever desire additional sexual contact with him, it is strictly at YOUR desire and YOUR whim. - EASY ESCAPE End the arrangement whenever you want by giving him a change of clothes and send him on his way. - NO HEARTACHE Conversely, he won't choose to leave you after being your toilet slave for a year or more. Really, where is he going to go, and what is he going to do with no job, no credit, expired ID's, and nothing but a change of clothes on his back? - POPULARITY Be the most popular hostess for munches among the women in your BDSM club. You will probably find that you have a lot of new women friends who want to use your toilet slave. ---------------------------------- DISADVANTAGES ---------------------------------- - JEALOUSY Your boyfriend might be jealous of your toilet slave. You may have to explain to your boyfriend that a toilet slave is not a lover. You may have to explain that your toilet slave is just another piece of furniture in your house. He shouldn't be jealous of your toilet slave any more than he should be jealous of your bidet. - VACATIONS Like having a dog, having a toilet slave will make it difficult to get away. If you keep him permanently shackled into your toilet slave chair, you can leave him alone overnight, but he will die of thirst soon after that. Although taking him with you may be an option, or lending him to another woman friend while you're away. (c) 2004 Hungry Guy
  • I agree with the advantages and disadvantages I just wish I could find a dominatrix ro dom that would use me email me at I am available to any woman
  • I agree I wish I could find a woman to use me as a toilet
  • Environmentally friendly pastime. A slave by subsisting entirely upon human waste will decrease the quantity of sewage. Also, trees will be saved by the decreased use of toilet paper.
  • I think its a great Idea! I think it should be ok and legal to do this if the person being the permanent toilet slave sighns an agreement to give his life to being her toilet.
  • With a traditional toilet you have that cold porcelain bowl and that scratchy toilet paper, just like most of the other 6 billion people in the world. With a permanent live in toilet slave you have a bathroom occupied by a creepy guy who likes to eat your shit and drink your piss, and you have to look at him and realize that this useless pig is inside your house 24/7. How about some on topic posts for those who entertain the fantasy and want to know more, instead of these trips into LaLa Land.
  • First time I heard of toilet slave but it seems quite popular
  • That is the funniest thing i've ever read in my life.
  • deleted
  • Extension to hungry guys answers: all Disatvantages are gone when the toilet slave is in a clubs restroom or a public restroom. Just have to give it a possibillity to stay healthy and clean then...
  • You said: "One final word before we begin speaking about specifics" Can you elaborate on those specificates? BTW - I completely agree with your philosophy
  • hi, i am a male sub from indonesia. i wanna be a toilet slave for a Lady. Miss strange one, can i talk more with You You? i wanna communicate with you. my email is please Miss
  • Strange One - Can you give some details about the punishments you employ while training and your discipline practice?
  • Is there any Women interested in a toilet sub in richmond, va? i am here for You sub gary
  • Using someone's mouth as your own personal toilet gives you a feeling of power.Having someone use your mouth as their toilet is the ultimate act of submission.
  • Hungry Guy, thank you. Very well explained.
  • For the users of a human toilet has only advantages. There is no doubt for me. In addition most users have a satisfying and lustful feeling and an extreme feeling of power over another person. Most users are really satisfied when they have finished.
  • westerners are crazy. you are not humans, you are animals! all of you are out of your mind. you are weird. I just can't believe there's something like this sexual disorientation as to toilet slavery. no wonder, american troops are torturing and abusing Iraqi prisoners that inhumane way. it's because most americans are pervert, crazy, pathetic, bustard, asshole........
  • It is very convenient for the woman. She can use her human toilet anywhere she wants. No more missing part of her movie, etc. Also a warm soft tongue feels great to her when the toilet cleans her. Saves on water bills by not having to flush the other toilet as much.
  • well , i find it kind of interesting . i am 23 and i like the idea to shit in a guys mouth if they can really eat as fast as it comes out ... but having him arround after i used the bathroom would rather bather me , sorry ! and who pays my expenses etc ? nicole

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