• Certain foods trigger migraines, such as chocolate, and red wines. Also the majority of sufferers drink lots of Caffene at the onset of a Mirgaine, because it dilates your blood vessels. Try to avoid strong or unusual odors, bright lights or loud noises Changes in weather or altitude Being tired, stressed or depressed or the let-down after a stressful event Changes in sleeping patterns or sleeping time Certain foods especially those that contain tyramine, sodium nitrate or phenylalanine Missing meals or fasting Menstrual periods, birth control pills or hormones Intense physical activity, including sexual activity
  • caffiene, red wine, chocolate, any type of alcohol, not just red wine, insommnia.
  • my friend drinks gatoraid to get rid of migranes
  • I believe chocolate and cheese aren't helpful. On the other hand a lot of other stuff can trigger a migraine.... I suffered acute migraine for 11 years when I was younger. I left my husband and have never had one since. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?
  • There is an enzyme called tyramine which is present in several different foods, and if you have an intolerence to this it builds to toxic levels and the result is migraine. This is why it is often impossible to pin one food down as the culprit. In my case, a food intolerence test showed this was the case and I am now free of migraines.
  • I know that vienna, and bologna and potted meat and a lot of hot dogs .. all contain the chemcial tyramine that can trigger migrains... I stay away from those foods always! (besides the fact I dont like them)
  • sugarry food and caffiene should be avoided.
  • I know from second hand experience that very cold foods or beverages trigger migraines, but one of the best ways to cut them in half is always wear sunglasses outdoors, and not spend too much time around air conditioners. I know a traditional cure though if you'd like to avoid painkillers - rubbing vinegar on the temple. Also putting your head under the blanket so you breath in the air you exhaled also helps a little.
  • i cant eat those souper meals sometimes cause the stuff like msg, i think thats what its called , im not sure, triggers headaches in me
  • Just take an aspirin after the meal!
  • Foods that are good for migraines are orange, yellow, green vegetables, and brown rice. Foods that are bad for migraine include aged cheese, alcohol, chocolate, food preservatives, and yeast extract.
  • Most are mentioned below, not sure if cheese has been mentioned, and eggs.

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