• Hail Ceasar!
  • Wikipedia informs us that "like the term tyrant, originally a respectable Ancient Greek title, and to a lesser degree autocrat, it came to be used almost exclusively as a non-titular term for oppressive, even abusive rule, yet had rare modern titular uses." Therefore, I would use the term "autocracy" to describe a "good" government led by a single person.
  • all dictators are good for their society by stamping down on squabbling and warring factions within. Once dictator is gone, squabbling starts again. Iraq is a prime example
  • to form a strong nation autocracy is a must, because one person, one wish one rule will make it possible...(like Abe Lincoln, Bismark....etc)
  • I think you can have a dictator with good intentions, who is an amiable enough person, like Sir Nicholas II, the Tzar, as opposed to someone like Hitler. Thing is, countries aren't easy to run alone, so Well-Intentioned Autocrats/dictators lose the public's good opinion through mistakes etc. and they are viewed as tyrants.. So, in conclusion, to be a good dictator you have to be perfect, because you are held accountable for EVERYTHING that goes wrong. The slightest mistake turns you into a Bad Dictator. It's an open ended answer, somewhat, but was that what you were looking for?

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