• Um, no.
  • Don't think so but probably the same "controller" controls both!
  • So a sensationalist reporter claims that someone else claims that he said it? Please. Even if he did, what makes it true?
  • It's time that the Arab world understand something, the United States is the only thing that is standing in the way of the Israelis kicking the fuck out of every Palestinian in the area. And, then starting to disassemble every one of it's Arab neighbors. So, they better thank whatever god they have that the US is there to hold the beasts from their throats.
  • In many ways it does.
  • You have to work this one out for yourself. Countries have no permanent friends, only permanent interests, so what is the advantage to the USA for unwavering and uncritical support of Israel? Has Israel(always touted by US political candidates as "America's closest ally) ever aided the US in any conflict since it's establishment in 1948?--Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Gulf I or Gulf 2?-Except maybe in the field of intelligence.It can be argued that Israel has been the only beneficiary of Gulf 2 as the only major belligerant Arab state capable of harming Israel has been neutralised. Has US support for Israel strengthed relations with Arab and other Moslem countries that supply or could supply the vital strategic supply of oil to the US and the West or hindered it? Is Israel a valuable trading partner of the US, or does the US taxpayer subsidy of Israel to the tune of $3 billion per year EVERY YEAR in cash, weapons, loans and credits? (More than one third of all US 'aid' to all countries world-wide or 300 times as much as goes to the whole African continent) Does Israel control strategic materials vital to the US, an important trade route or have an influential leadership role on its geographical neighbours that would justify unswerving support? Does Israel keep the confidence of American military secrets shared with it, or does it sell the donated largesse to US competitors, like China and the Russian Federation and does it maintain a huge network of Spies within the US military and civil administration--some who, when caught, claim that they are really working for America-Israeli harmony? Has Israel developed,illegally, the third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the planet, yet has not received as much as a caution from the US? Are Israeli citizens the only 'foreigners' allowed to vote in US elections and are they so registered as to be able to 'swing' a tight vote? (US Presidential election of 2000 in Florida). No American politician dare offend the US Jewish vote or AIPAC--the last one who tried was JFK.
  • No, although there are a lot of American citizens of Jewish descent who have the constitutional right to vote and to contribute to political campaigns.
  • i would hope not
  • Conspiracy theorists unite!

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