• not yet
  • Yes, I had to sleep on the floor for 6 hours. I couldn't find my bags for an hour. It was my first time traveling alone. & then when the plane finally got there & we got on, it was storming & there was literally a lightning bolt like outside the window & we had to wear our belts the whole time because it was so rocky.
  • yes,tryed leaving somewhere but foundout no flights till the next day,could nt speak the language,was heartbroken and stuck in a strange country
  • Yes, I was having diarrhea and didn't make it to the bathroom on time
  • Hah! I wish it was only one!
  • Yea i landed in Amsterdam airport (it was just a connection flight) and i had a flight right after to Barcelona and the terminal was basicly right at the other end and because the airport and amsterdam is so freaken big, i was walking fast for about 10min when i suddenly hear my name on speaker that im late while still on my way to the other terminal, i finaly got there, i was the last one in, but hey atleast i didnt miss it :D
  • don't know if bad is the word, but I was a bit upset when they confiscated my Bath and Body Works lotion that I just purchased ( I completly forgot about the new liquid rule) :(
  • Yes! Lots of them. Being stuck in a plane on the tarmac for 5 hours is one. Spending the night at Newark Airport. Being sexually violated by a TSA employee at Logan Airport. I can keep going...
  • yes the merry go round drive having to pick someone up ...
  • yes, they took my husband away at the airport thinking he was an ira memeber because he has a common irish name....he almost missed the flight
  • yes i had to drop my gf off. it was heartbreaking
  • I had a job for a few years where I travelled from Maryland to New York or Los Angeles at least 2-3 times a month...I can tell you I have had wayyy more bad experiences than good..I figure about an 80-20 percentage of suckiness..everything from lost luggage to 12 hour layovers, cramped seats, stinky passengers, ice/snow/fog/smog, searches, redeyes, you name it I have probably experienced it...
  • Had to sit there for 9 hours Christmas Eve waiting for my flight.
  • Y-E-S. and believe it or not, it was before 9/11. I had to take a small plane from Boynton Beach to West Palm (i think). The plane could fit like three people. No, seriously, i wasn't even allowed my carry on (it had to go in the cargo hold). I also had to walk out onto the tarmac to get on the plane. The plane was delayed, so I was running to catch my connection. Of course, that meant that I was a suspicious. They searched me, and something kept setting off the wand. I was down to rolled up pants, when they finally gave up and let me board. Well, since this was before they disallowed liquids, I discovered that the brisket juice my grandmother gave me, leaked EVERYWHERE in my bag. At the next connection, I got off to clean everything, and was told I couldn't get back on until pre-boarding time. I brought nothing with me except my cell phone. Sigh. There goes a whole day i'll never get back.
  • Heck yeah, I work there!
  • Yes. But I do not want to talk about it
  • mostly delayed flights and waiting for them

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