• It's certainly cruel and unfair to the innocent victims
  • No. There are lots of wars that were necessary in the long run. Humans aren't altruistic and will never resolve all conflicts peacefully.
  • Yes, yes, oh, and yes.
  • no some people you just have to kick their a$$
  • No. Tyranny is what causes war. Tyranny is what is most cruel of ALL cruelties. Only when man learns to leave fellow man to his own peaceful abode will war end once & for all.
  • It's pointless to those who wouldn't mind themselves, their loved ones and other decent human beings being enslaved, I guess. Count me not among them!
  • Yes, always. There are a million other ways to solve a problem rather than fighting over a silly thing.
  • When all means for a peaceful settlement of disputes fail the only alternative might be war. After some fighting the warring sides will finally see reason and sit around a table to trash their differences out. Sometimes war is the only way to peace - no matter how pointless we may consider it to go to war.
  • Ummm - If everyone felt this way, then there would be no wars. But unfortunately, not all people detest war, and therefore if you value your freedom, war is necessary to protect it. IMHO
  • Some wars are fought as a last resort method to fight for justice. Although, not all wars are like this. If you can compare the war in Iraq to the war which founded America, you can pretty much weigh those two causes and see which one if more meaningful that the other.
  • ... Almost yes, but not quite, no ... there is seldom a valid point to a war, but there can be and have been a few wars with valid points to them ... even in those wars with valid points, there were other possible solutions ... a single assassination of a bad leader and replace with a better leader (even a mere "puppet") would have saved the lives of many soldiers, and saved the economic cost/waste of the war.
  • Nope. There's always a point, even if it's wrong yo...
  • I think it's more the aftermath of a war and its effects that people benefit from. Yeah I sound totally cruel, but war is a great testament to human nature, we won't ever stop having wars, as what fuels human conflict is also what makes us alive, if you believe Darwin's theory. Kinda ironic though. >_> It's totally disgusting and cruel, but to the victor goes the spoils, that's how most countries are founded and get to thrive anyway. It isn't a historical secret. I do not advocate this, but I do believe it.
  • War is never pointless. There is ALWAYS a goal to war, whether we agree with it or not. . Tragic? Yep. Attrocious? Yep. Horrible? Yep. Scary? Yep. All those and many more. But never pointless.
  • Someone has to start it. Say, for example, "the bad guys" cut off all water to my home. I can't survive without water, so I defend myself by doing something in retaliation, right? That back-and-forth dynamic escalates and pretty soon people are killing one another. If you define war as using weapons to kill, remember my "war" didn't start out that way at all. If all people were logical, honorable and peaceful, they would not do things harmful to others. But that is not the way of the world. So from an ideal standpoint, war is pointless. But we don't live in an ideal world and we have to survive or what's the point?
  • War is unavoidable as long humans are around
  • Yes. All conflicts can be resolved through peaceful means, the problem is humans refuse to acknowledge the existence of another. When it gets to that, you have no other choice. Pointless, but necessary.
  • Not always. I think there can be a good reason to go to war. But like anything else, the venture can be carried to extremes. Some people really seem to revel in the idea of war and the rhetoric surrounding it, while conveniently forgetting the reality that many young men and women have lost their lives (unnecessarily in some cases).
  • War SUCKS. Being enslaved SUCKS WORSE!

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