• The kind that have eye of newt and frog brains no but I do believe that their are people in touch with forces unknow and can make things happen.
  • I do not believe that humans can have supernatural powers, so no.
  • I've met one.
  • There are witches around; not all of them are hiding it. It doesn't really matter if anyone believes in them... like it doesn't matter if anyone believes that you or I exist; we still do.
  • Not even a little bit.
  • Depends on what you mean by witches. I do believe there are witches. By that people that believe they have mystical powers - either for good or evil - i.e. white or black witches. I know one who claims to be a white witch and she is a very nice intellgient person, but I do not beleive she can turn me into a frog or that she posseses any other unnatural power (even though she would say she does). Then you get people that join witches coverns just for the sex etc. Mmm sounding good already, no I think I will play it safe and not bother before someone does turn me into a toad.
  • Yeah, She is my bf mother!
  • I married one.
  • I beleive that there are people who beleive they are - I beleive I know a few, but I do not beleive that they have powers of any form if that's the question. I looked into WitchCraft and found it appealing, but sadly....... logic forbids me. xD
  • There are those who believe they are witches. I don't believe in them; but that does not mean they don't exist.
  • Of course, she was my last boss and another one was my 4th grade teacher. As in boil, boil, toil, and trouble witches? Not really.
  • I believe that there are people that believe they are witches But me personally, i do not believe them to be NO
  • I believe that there are people who believe they are witches. I am not entirely sure whether or not I believe that these people are capable of using magic. I believe that there are some people who have the ability to tap into some kind of undiscovered force. I believe that there is a scientific explanation for everything. So, a straight answer to that, would be...I am unsure.
  • True witchcraft has long been lost. THe current trends of Wicca & other types of Magick are merely the begining of worse attempts of achieving power thru occult means... As for ME beliving in actual magick or witchcraft I have NEVER seen 'true power' come from a person or coven...
  • Well, not the fairy tale kind. I do believe in the kind that call themselves witches, or I guess that name was given to them, I dunno. Anywho, I know one; I previous friend of mine. You see, we don't run in the same circles anymore. She was all like, "I'm gonna go be a witch now." And I was like, "Okay, I'll be here doing the same thing I always do. Just come back soon, 'cause I don't like being alone." And she says, "Don't worry, I'll probably give up in less than a week." That was the last I heard of her. I don't know what she's doing now...probably moved to college early like she told me she was going to do. Well, I was never the same after that. Ah, well, I think I lost you guys. Forgive me for indulging my weakness for flights of colorful narration.
  • I am Wiccan/Witch/Pagan. I exist.
  • Well, there are quite a few definitions of the word, "witch". I definitely believe in the ones that have big noses with warts on them and fly around on broomsticks because I've been going to pantomimes since I was a child. As far as the other sort are concerned, they are just people who haven't come to terms with the reality of modern life and yearn for a more innocent time that, I'm afraid, has passed them by.
  • Well, I believe in AntigoneRising and I believe she is a witch. Or wiccan. Is there a difference. If I have offended by getting that mixed up - my apologies - but of course, do you mean witches like in Harry Potter? Or real witches?
  • its not a matter of believing in witches, its more do you believe you are a witch? there are people who do. but not black cats and broomsticks as most people think, its more using your energy and the earths energy to make things happen
  • Yes. As a Wiccan/pagan, I AM what you would call a witch. I don't, however, ride on brooms, twitch my nose to make things happen, wear a pointy hat, etc. I simply follow an ancient religion.
  • I do not believe in things that are not real.
  • no not at all
  • It exists,like VOODOO,but I don't do it*

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