• Yes! A news flash from within!
  • In my opinion, the likelihood of a "supreme being" is very unlikley. The likelihood that one exists who is concerned with the goings on of humans is even less likely. While I can neither prove nor disprove the existance of such an entity, I live as if one does not exist, because I have never found reason to do otherwise. - My mind could be changed by an observable phenomenon that could not be explained by natural means. Not simply somthing that we don't yet understand, but something that violates the laws of physics in such a way as to shift the probability away from almost nil.
  • I think and believe there is a supreme being. My supreme being is an abstraction. I believe my mind and intellect are part of that abstraction. In that way I am the supreme being in part and full. So the abstract idea must change to change my mind. Then it won't be my mind at all. It will be Zombie's mind. So no way to change my mind. You can't make me mindless. Difficult to follow logic? Just remember Jesus saying 'me and my father are one'. You will know what I mean.
  • No. I suspect only time will tell. But I still doubt I would accept that being as supreme.
  • I think the Universe is as intelligent as it gets, but I do know a GOD of wine, does that count?
  • Aside from myself? jk No, I don't believe in a supreme being. I don't disbelieve either, if you know what I mean. I think the idea of actively trying to prove no god exists is pointless. I simply have not seen an ounce of anything resembling evidence to a supreme being. He/she/it could just not want to be known for all I know. It would take some tangible proof to convince me.
  • I think there may be but am not convinced there is. I have no way to verify it, so I can't be sure.
  • Yes, I do. In the time that I have been here on earth, there's been many things happen to me. I've felt discouraged along the way. But, nothing has changed my mind and I don't think it ever will.
  • Yes. The only thing that would change my mind is when it's all said and done..over find out I was wrong. But until then, I will continue to believe and have faith, after all, I am not hurting myself or anyone else by doing so. :-)
  • No, I don't and the only thing that can change my mind about that is as impossible as the existence of such a being: it's proof and evidence
  • No, and whatever it would take for me to believe wouldn't happen so I never think about it a lot. I feel that the proof one doesn't exist is all around us. I thin if there was one, the world would be more of a utopia, not that I expect the world to be perfect, but it seems even the greatest followers of their god don't get anything in return. They go to the craziest lengths and still get nothing except a belief that they may or may not go somewhere when they die.
  • yes. Nothing could change my mind because as long as I am its because the supreme being is.
  • No! A quote in Derryn Brown's book "Tricks of the Mind" nailed it for me - "An assertion without evidence can be dismissed without evidence".
  • God exists within you as you once this is realized once this is directly experienced Nothing can change your mind.
  • Yes. There isn't really anything anyone can say to change my mind about it. There is one thing being uncertain about the truth. It's quite another to know it. Most dullards only have uncertainty and waver around it It's why they have little insight and tend to be untrustworthy to boot.
  • Yes. There is no changing my mind. I've seen too much proof of the fact throughout my entire life.

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