• Of course! Don't worry about all that stuff - because you'll know when you are interested enough to do it. Just don't slobber. LOL
  • Personally, I can assure you that there IS hope for you! If it can happen for ME--it can definately happen for you!!! Just be patient...;) Good luck!
  • yeah it can just email me and we can talk
  • ya bro there is hope for you i just got my first true kiss not long ago and im 17 you just got to find the right girl for you and just remember to treat her right
  • I kissed one girl in 10th grade and had no girlfriends til this last summer. I was worried. Most if it was just because I never pursued a relationship and the other part was because whenever I wanted to, I knew the girl was taken. So anyway, I met my girlfriend of 7 months at bible study and her heart is a beautiful as she is. So don't worry man, you'll run into a girl soon enough. It's never too late to start. Just be interested in what they have to say.

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