• People having to transfer products like milk and livestock in huge quanties im order to keep food in the stores and on your table. People having to go to work and in some cases travel great distances to keep this country running. mbulinces rushing people to the hospital to save lifes. Pollution sucks and all but all these things could not exist with electronic cars. Semis cant be electronic the range is too small on a battery they would have to stop every 150 to 200 miles for a timly charge slowing down commerce, People might be able to switch to electronic cars but the inital vehicle cost is too high for the average person and I see it unlikley that rescue vehicles will make the switch untill there is a more viable option for the short life span and long charge times of battery opperated cars. Those are just a few examples off the top of my head.
    • Roaring
      Tesla just announced an upcoming all electric pick up truck. Its only a matter of time. Also if our railroad and trolley infrastructure wasn't ripped up in so many places, there would be much less pollution from burning a fuel.
  • primarily combustion of fossil fuels. And unnecessary as all electrics were feasible long ago. This is where capitalism sucks, when private wealth uses their clout to hold back less profitable innovation/technology. On an up note there is Tesla Motors, made in America All electrics that kicks the ass of any I.C,E especially on initial torque for acceleration.

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