• "Head rushes" are a symptom of falling blood pressure in the brain. Sometimes a person who feels a 'head rush' when standing already has low blood pressure. It can also cause unconsciousness / fainting. Usually when the person falls into a horizontal position, functioning blood pressure is resumed and the person 'wakes up'. When you stand up, inertia & gravity 'pull' the blood down from your head. The faster you stand up, the greater the drop, which is why standing up very suddenly can lead to fainting in persons with low blood pressure. There are 'valves' in the veins whose function is to prevent the backflow of blood in your system, but not so much in the arteries, so the system can have a drop in flow/pressure. Ultimately it is a result of oxygen starvation on the brain's part which gives you that 'head rush'. Too much oxygen starvation, and you begin to get brain damage. But don't worry: those head rushes won't make you a veggie! Being bulimic can result in a lower blood pressure than normal, though the emotional stressors which have led to the bulimic state, and of being a bulimic can offset that with a high blood pressure. Whether or not that offset occurs depends upon the person's personality and genetics. There is also the possibility that there is blood loss occuring due to ulcerations in the esophagus. As a bulimic I am sure you are aware of the physical dangers of this mental / emotional disease. If you suspect blood loss in your digestive tract (blood when vomiting, blood in the stools, a red tinge to the water after defecating), then you should seek immediate medical help.
  • Your blood pressure may also be low
  • It seems unanimous. low blood pressure.
  • I don't know if being bulimic can cause this. I do know that low blood pressure can. Also, I have a family member who has a real hard time because of this and it is caused by slow processing of the signal from the brain to the heart telling the heart to prepare for the activity of standing up. This is not on the radar of many doctors. There's really nothing to do about anyway except she is supposed to think about standing up for 2 seconds before she actually does.
  • well it depends on how heavy you throw-up. i know for me if i eat alot food at one time, then i go throw it up and i force my self to get rid of as much as i can, i get a head rush for a few day after wards anytime i make a sudden move. - i know how hard someting like this is, i hope you are able to stop. if you want to talk to someone going through the same thing my e-mail is :)

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